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Cartridge and housing for water filters

Cartridge and housing; carbon block, extruded, pleated, spunbonded, polyspun, brackets of brands: Hydronix, Pentair, Liquatec, Pentek, 3M, Hytrex, Pultrex GE.

The water filter housing is a fundamental element in cartridge water filters: the housing or cartridge housing holds the filter in place and helps guide the water through it. Most cartridge housings are made of polycarbonate and/or polypropylene, which makes them very strong and durable in addition to meeting all NSF standards.

Standard sizes of filter housing and cartridges

They are manufactured in one of several standard sizes:

2.5″ x 10″ Used in domestic or low flow purifiers.
2.5″ x 20″ Used in commercial and home reverse osmosis.
4.5″ x 10″ BB or Bigblue sturdy filter housing for home or commercial.
4.5″ x 20″ BB 20 double the height for commercial and semi-industrial use.

Although there are specialty filters and custom filters from manufacturers, most water filter housings are standard worldwide.

You can choose any standard filter cartridge for your system. As long as you select the correct size filter housing. A 2.5″ x 9.75″ cartridge will fit perfectly in a 2.5″ x 10″ housing.

Components of a complete filter

Standard water filter housing is made up of three parts:

The filter housing lid, the filter holder cup and the filter cartridge.

The cup is a plastic container that is made to hold the cartridge in place and pass water through it.

The filter lid allows the water to flow out of the inlet and into the cup properly. Inside the vessel, you can place any cartridge of your choice, such as sediment or activated carbon filters. Some housings are sold with cartridges included.

Inside the bottom of the vessel, you will find a small sealing ring, to hold the bottom of the cartridge in place and seal it. A similar ring is located at the bottom of the lid to hold the top of the cartridge in place, as well as being the seal that directs the flow of water to pass through the cartridge.

Cartridge housing come in several colors: white, blue, red and clear, and the color often indicates what they are used for. Red, for example, may indicate that the filter is designed for hot water filtration. Filter caps are typically black or white.

Dual and triple filter housing

If you need several filters in series, either having different micron ratings, for finer filtration or containing different types of filters to further purify the water, you can use a bracket and connectors or nipples to make a double or triple filter. Making a multi-stage filter is very simple, the quality of the water we need will determine the number of filters we should use and will help ensure that the water moves through the filters in the order we want.

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