3M Zeta Plus H / C Series filter cartridges


3M Zeta Plus lenticular depth filter cartridges for food and beverage, fine chemicals, and water treatment.

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


3M Zeta Plus H / C Series filter cartridges

3M Zeta Plus filter cartridges are depth filters with modified loading. These cartridges are constructed with a high mechanical strength medium to operate efficiently, even under conditions requiring high operating temperatures.


  • Cosmetics industry (Zeta Plus C/S )
  • Pharmaceutical industry. (Zeta Plus LP, Zeta Plus LA and Zeta Plus ZA)
  • Biotechnology industry. (Zeta Plus Maximizer EXT

Alcoholic beverage industry, tequila, distillates. (Zeta Plus H)

  • Beer clarification
  • Beer microfiltration
  • Clarification of concentrates
  • Ingredients and beverages
  • Turbidity reduction for distillate distillates
  • Microbial reduction filtration,
  • Particulate matter reduction in filtration of distilled liquors
  • Wine clarification

This filter cartridge is composed of inorganic filtration aids, refined cellulose and cationic resin.

The filter cartridge is available in different filtration grades adapted to the different filtration needs specific to your applications.

Advantages and characteristics:

  • Extended service life for higher performance, fewer filter changes and reduced costs.
  • Efficient particle removal
  • The cartridges are completely airtight so there is no leakage or external contamination.
  • Variety of cartridge sizes and filtration surfaces