3M Zeta Plus H / C Series lenticular cartridge filters


Lenticular filters as 3M Zeta Plus filter cartridge

Lenticular depth filters for food and beverage, fine chemicals and water treatment.

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3M Zeta Plus H / C Series lenticular cartridge filters

3M Zeta Plus lenticular cartridge filters are depth filters with modified loading. These cartridges are constructed with a high mechanical strength medium to operate efficiently, even under conditions requiring high operating temperatures. Discover the 3M Zeta Plus Lenticular Filters, an innovative solution designed to meet the most demanding filtration needs. Manufactured by the renowned 3M brand, these lenticular filters are ideal for industrial and pharmaceutical applications, guaranteeing exceptional performance and superior efficiency.

They can be coupled with 3M™ Zeta Plus™ S Series filter cartridges or capsules to help optimize filtration and purification performance in a range of different fluids.

The full range of scalable filters helps enable predictable performance at every stage of drug development, from early-stage discovery to commercial production.


  • Cosmetics industry (Zeta Plus C/S )
  • Pharmaceutical industry. (Zeta Plus LP, LA and ZA)
  • Biotechnology industry. (Zeta Plus Maximizer EXT)
  • Fluid discoloration

Alcoholic beverage industry, tequila, distillates. (Zeta Plus H)

  • Clarification of beer, wines and high fructose corn syrups (HFCS)
  • Removal of yeasts, bacteria and mist formation.
  • Decrease in fatty acids
  • Beer microfiltration
  • Clarification of concentrates, resins, and polymer solutions.
  • Clarification of fermentation broths in Biotechnology.
  • Ingredients and beverages
  • Turbidity reduction for distillates
  • Microbial reduction filtration
  • Particulate matter reduction in filtration of distilled liquors
  • Discoloration of liquids or beverages
  • Filtration of insulating oils in transformers and switchgear circuits.

This filter cartridge is composed of inorganic filtration aids, refined cellulose and cationic resin.

The filter cartridge is available in different filtration grades adapted to the different filtration needs specific to your applications.

Main features of Zeta Plus lenticular filters:

  • Extended service life for higher performance, fewer filter changes and reduced costs.
  • Efficient particle removal
  • The cartridges are completely airtight so there is no leakage or external contamination.
  • Variety of cartridge sizes and filtration surfaces
  • Advanced filtration technology: 3M Zeta Plus Lenticular Filters incorporate advanced electropositive filtration technology to capture submicron particles with high efficiency.
  • Modular design: Its modular design facilitates installation and replacement, optimizing time and reducing operating costs.
  • High quality materials: Manufactured with high quality materials, these filters offer durability and chemical resistance, ensuring a long service life.
  • Variety of filter media: Available in different porosity grades to suit various applications and specific filtration requirements.
  • Compatibility and versatility: Compatible with a wide range of filtration systems, Zeta Plus filters are versatile and can be used in multiple industries.

Benefits of lenticular filters

  • Improved efficiency: The ability to capture fine particles and bacteria improves the purity of the final product, meeting the strictest quality standards.
  • Easy maintenance: Thanks to their intuitive design, the filters are easy to maintain and clean, reducing downtime and improving productivity.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Its long service life and high contaminant retention capacity offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio.
  • Safety and reliability: With 3M’s quality assurance, Zeta Plus Lenticular Filters provide safe and reliable filtration in every use.

Application industries:

3M Zeta Plus lenticular filters are ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Filtration of biotechnological products, vaccines and serums.
  • Food Industry: Clarification of beverages, wines and syrups.
  • Water Treatment: Removal of contaminants and microorganisms in drinking water systems and industrial processes.
  • Chemical and Petrochemical: Filtration of chemical products and process solutions.

3M Zeta Plus Lenticular Cartridge Filters are the perfect choice for those looking for an advanced and reliable filtration solution. With their innovative technology and 3M quality backing, these filters ensure superior performance and optimum efficiency in a variety of industrial applications. Improve your filtration processes with Zeta Plus lenticular filters and experience the difference in quality and efficiency.


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