Water Softeners

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Water softeners systems

It is the removal of calcium and magnesium from hard water.  Soaps significantly improve the amount of foam, avoids scale in equipment and pipes, thus increasing their life time. Water softening is generally achieved by using ion exchange

Water softeners

Water softening is a process that solves a problem known as “hard water”.  Therefore systems that perform this function are referred to as water softeners or softeners, either of these 2 names is appropriate.

How much does a water softener/water softener system cost?

Water softener prices vary greatly depending on the application and volume of water to be treated.

If you require a residential softener the investment would be between $300 and $4,000 for a water softener unit and installation costs.

That’s a huge change when it comes to an industrial softener, since they usually require more flows and throughput, the prices are much higher.

The three main factors that affect water softener pricing are:

  1. The type of control or valve: It can be manual or automatic, with the second option being the most expensive.
  2. The concentration of water hardness: Depending on the concentration of hardness a sizing is done to define the most suitable system size, the hardness is confirmed by the Calcium and Magnesium of the water.
  3. The volume of water to be treated: The combination of flow and hardness is what determines the size of the system, the higher the flow and hardness, the larger the softener to be installed.

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