3M Betafine XL / DP Filters


3M Betafine Polypropylene Filters

High performance and durability.

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3M Betafine XL/DP Cartridge Filters

Betafine cartridges represent a major advance in pleated cartridge technology. 3M’s years of experience in water purification led to the development of this highly efficient filter cartridge made of 100% polypropylene. They use Advanced Pleat Technology (ADP) which increases the useful filtration surface while maintaining the standard dimensions of industrial cartridges.

Betafine cartridges are manufactured using a staggered pleat that when combined with the filter media, provides more open space between pleats. This type of pleat allows for a higher contaminant particle loading, resulting in an overall usable surface area that extends filter life and reduces filtration costs.

Benefits of 3M Betafine cartridges

  • Fewer filters are required
  • Reduced cartridge replacement frequency
  • Reduced downtime and reduced spillage production
  • Reduced labor and waste disposal costs

Tests conducted by 3M have shown that Betafine offers longer life than competitive pleated filters with equivalent filtration ratings subjected to the same contaminant load. The service life of Betafine filters is up to 4.4 times longer than the competition.

Betafine filters are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as food, pharmaceutical, biological, electronic, chemical and other industries.

Applications of Betafine filters and other 3M cartridges in the food and beverage industry

Applications for your 3M Food and Beverage Filters