3M Bag Filter NB Series


3M NB Series Polyester & Polypropylene Bag Filter

The bag filter leverages 3M’s filtration and manufacturing expertise to provide cost-effective solutions for higher flow rate applications than a standard cartridge.

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3M Bag Filter NB Series

The 3M bag filter NB series are made of polyester and polypropylene and with all the filtration expertise of 3M to provide a cost effective solution where the filtration rating per bag is appropriate.

NB series bag filters are collapsible for easy handling and come in No. 1 and No. 2 size configurations in 1 to 200 micron grades and fit into standard bag filter vessels and receptacles.

The inlet and outlet flow configuration effectively captures contaminants inside and has the ability to retain viscous fluids.

Welded seams and outer surfaces are heat treated to control fiber migration.

The manufacturing process of these filters does not use silicone or adhesives so that the filtered media obtains a higher purity.

Description of 3M filter bag
3M Filter Bag NB001010PPS1C NOMINAL BAG 7X16″ 10 UM PP/PP, SKU: 70020189513, Pieces per box: 50
3M Filter Bag NB0025PPS1C NOMINAL BAG 7X16″ 25 UM PP/PP, SKU: 70020189570, Pieces per box: 50
3M Filter Bag NB0100PPS1C NOMINAL BAG 7X16″ 100 UM POLY/POLY, SKU: 70020189695, Pieces per box: 50
3M Filter Bag NB0001PPS2C NOMINAL BAG 7X32″ 1 UM PP/PP, SKU: 70020189406, Pieces per box: 50
3M Filter Bag NB0005PPS2C NOMINAL BAG 7X32″ 5 UM/PP, SKU: 70020189463, Pieces per box: 50
3M Filter Bag NB001010PPS2C NOMINAL BAG 7X32″ 10 UM PP/PP, SKU: 70020189521, Pieces per box: 50
3M Filter Bag NB0025PPS2C NOMINAL BAG 7X32″ 25 UM PP/PP, SKU: 70020189588, Pieces per box: 50
3M Filter Bag NB0050PPS2C NOMINAL BAG 7X32″ 50 UM PP/PP, SKU: 70020189646, Pieces per box: 50
3M Filter Bag NB0100PPS2C NOMINAL BAG 7X32″ 100 UM PP/PP, SKU: 70020189703, Pieces per case: 50
3M Filter Bag NB0200EES2C NOMINAL BAG 7X32″ 200 UM POLY, SKU: 70020189729, Pieces per box: 50
3M Filter Bag NB0200NYS2R NOMINAL BAG 7X32″ 200 UM NMO, SKU: 70020190503, Pieces per box: 50
3M Filter Bag NB0200PPS2C NOMINAL BAG 7X32″ 200 UM PP/PP, SKU: 70020189760, Pieces per box: 50

Features of the 3M NB series bag filters:

  • Filter material: Nylon Monofilament, Polyester Plush, and Polypropylene Plush.
  • Flow: 90GPM, 180 GPM.
  • Length: 17″, 32″.
  • Microns: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200.
  • Filter type: Bag.

3M filter bag for filtration of water and other liquids.

Applications of NB Bag Filter and other 3M cartridges in the food and beverage industry

Applications for your 3M Food and Beverage Filters

Advantages of using a bag filter in the filtration of water and other liquids.

These filters are highly effective in removing solid particles in suspension and offer a number of additional benefits compared to other types of filters.

Particle removal efficiency: Bag filters are very effective in removing suspended solid particles in water and other liquids, such as sediment, sand and rust. These filters can have a particle retention efficiency of up to 99%, depending on the selected pore size.

Variety of pore sizes and materials: A bag filter is available in a wide range of pore sizes and materials, such as polyester, polypropylene and nylon. This allows the filtration to be tailored to the specific needs of each application, from fine particle filtration to filtration of larger particles.

Higher retention capacity: Bag filters have a higher particle retention capacity compared to other types of filters, due to their larger volume and filtration surface. This reduces the frequency of cartridge replacement and improves filtration efficiency.

Ease of installation and replacement: The bag filter is easy to install and replace, reducing maintenance time and costs. The bag change process is simple and can be performed without special tools.

Wide range of applications: Bag filters are commonly used in a variety of water and other liquid filtration applications, including industrial processes, drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment systems.

Low pressure drop: Bag filters have a low pressure drop, which means that the water flow is not significantly affected during the filtration process. This makes them an attractive option for applications where water flow is critical, such as in large-scale water treatment systems.

In summary, 3M bag filters offer an effective and durable solution for the removal of suspended solid particles in water and other liquids, with high filtration efficiency, increased holding capacity and ease of installation and replacement. In addition, they have a wide range of pore sizes and materials available, making them a versatile and adaptable option for a variety of liquid filtration applications.


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