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Water treatment and supplies

Equipment and supplies for water treatment in hotels


Filtration and water treatment equipment and supplies for a hotel include:


  • Disc filters, to prevent sediment, sand and other solids from entering the cisterns and pools.
  • Chlorine dioxide generators, for maintaining water disinfection
  • Activated carbon equipment, for drinking water purification
  • Point-of-use, low-flow purifiers for use in ice machines, coffee or soft drink dispensers.
  • Seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants
  • Reverse osmosis systems. for drinking water purification in kitchens and beverages
  • Ultraviolet UV light systems, for points of use and to avoid microorganisms.
  • Ozone generators, to keep stored or pool water free of pathogens and organic matter, offers a better sensation by not using chemicals such as chlorine.
  • Water softeners, to avoid calcium and magnesium incrustations (hard water).
  • Gray water treatment plantfor showers and sinks.
  • Sanitary sewage treatment plants.


  • Replacement filter cartridges
  • Water disinfectants
  • Chemical additives for water treatment
  • Replacement salt for water softening systems
  • Replacement bulbs and quartz for UV lamps
  • Ion exchange resins
  • Reverse osmosis membranes.

These equipment and supplies help ensure that the water used in the hotel is safe and potable for guests and staff.

3M Water Filters and Cartridges


Ozone Water Systems

Chlorine Dioxide Generators Systems On-Site

Controllers for pH and ORP (oxidant dosing)

Iron and manganese removal catalytic systems

Water Testing Equipment and Meters

Water treatment plants

Water Softening

Water filters for restaurants

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis RO

Reverse Osmosis for Low Mineral water RO

Disc and mesh water Filters

Water dispensers

Deep Bed Filters

Activated Carbon Filters

Equipment and supplies for water treatment in hotels


Water is part of the hotel experience, starting with the swimming pool, a good shower free of salts or hardness, and the preparation of food and beverages. The truth is that the water of a beach hotel can be more complex than a hotel that is far from the coast. Both have different needs even though they are close to each other. Water types may be different from one well to another even if they share the same land. An important part of a hotel’s water treatment is to take care of it, and we can offer water saving resources, with low water consumption equipment for cleaning, using disc filters, as well as the reuse of gray water and wastewater.

Filtration and water treatment equipment and supplies for hotels include:

  • Disc filters are used to remove particles such as sand and dirt from the water. They can be installed in-line or surface mounted and are easily cleaned.
  • Chlorine dioxide generators produce gaseous chlorine dioxide that kills bacteria in the hot tub or pool. These systems are often used in spas because they are safe for swimmers with sensitive skin, such as eczema or psoriasis.
  • Activated carbon equipment adsorbs organic compounds from water by adsorption processes, i.e. it binds them tightly so that they are not released back into the drinking water. Activated carbon systems are excellent for removing organic contaminants such as pesticides, but do not work well against metals such as copper or lead.

Disc filters to prevent the entry of sediments, sand and other solids in cisterns and pools.

You can also use a disc filter to prevent sediment, sand and other solids from entering cisterns and pools. These filters are typically used in water treatment plants, but can also be used in hotels.

Disc filters consist of a rotating disc covered with small holes that allow only water molecules to pass through and reject large particles such as dirt and sand.

Buy the right water treatment plant equipment for your hotel

We cover the needs from a small hotel to a large hotel.

If you want to maintain clean and healthy water in your hotel, we recommend that you choose the right equipment for your needs.

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