Reminal K Alkaline Cartridge

Cartridge for alkaline water

Sizes 2×10 1/4″ NPT Connections

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The Reminal K alkalinizing antioxidant cartridge filter

It is the simplest and most convenient system to transform purified water from the reverse osmosis filter or activated carbon filter into water with a high alkalizing power and healthy properties such as antioxidation.

The outgoing water from your current reverse osmosis system is devoid of minerals beneficial to your body and will most likely have a slightly acidic pH, in essence, it is what is considered “dead” water.

Turn your home reverse osmosis or carbon filtration filter into a source of health with alkaline antioxidant water by simply adding a Watch Water alkaline antioxidant cartridge filter.

By adding the antioxidant alkalizing cartridge filter to the filtration process, we improve the properties of this “dead water”. The alkalizing cartridge uses a mixture of calcium and magnesium minerals. As water passes through this filter it is transformed in various ways.

Thanks to the antioxidant alkalinizing cartridge filter you can drink pure water, but reinforced with such healthy properties as a high pH value, antioxidant properties and smaller water molecules.

The antioxidant alkalizing cartridge filter is easy to assemble, we supply the piping and clamps so that it can be easily installed in your existing filter system. It is recommended to be replaced annually in filtration systems for domestic use.

Advantages of alkaline water.

  • Increasing the pH level of the purified water (achieving pH values between 8.5 and 9.5).
  • The modification of the oxidation potential. This provides antioxidant properties to the water.
  • The reduction of the size of water molecule clusters to make water more easily absorbed by the body.
  • The incorporation of beneficial alkaline minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

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