3M Industrial DuoFlo Bag Filter


The 3M DuoFlo Filter

It is an exceptionally efficient nominal filtration solution designed to meet the most stringent demands of the industry. Its innovative dual-layer design offers high performance filtration in two stages, with an outer layer retaining larger particles and a higher density inner layer trapping smaller particles. This combination guarantees a deep and effective filtration, improving the quality of the filtered liquid and reducing the chances of cross contamination.


3M DuoFlo Bag Filter

The 3M DuoFlo Filter Bag is an innovative and highly efficient solution designed to meet the most stringent filtration demands in a variety of industrial applications. With a unique combination of advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, this bag filter stands out as a reliable choice for liquid purification in demanding industrial environments.

  • Enhanced 7″ diameter filter bag in sizes #1 (16″) and #2 (32″)
  • Used in the food and beverage industry in filtration of products for human ingestion for the polypropylene version.
Dimension 3M DF Polyester Bag
#1 #2
Nominal reduction range (microns) 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 y 200*
Filter diameter (in/cm) 7 / 17.8
Bag length (in/cm) 14.3 / 36.3 27.8 / 70.6
Filtration area (ft²/m²) 3.4 / 0.32 6.7 / 0.62
Retention volume per filter (gallons/liters) 0.7 / 2.6 1.4 / 6.2
* Only available in Polyester

Operating parameters by material and size

Operating conditions Polypropylene Bag 3M DF 3M™ DF Polyester Bag
#1 #2 #1 #2
Maximum operating temperature (°F/°C) 180 / 82 300 / 149
Maximum recommended flow rate (gpm/lpm) 75 / 284 150 / 568 75 / 284 150 / 568
Maximum forward differential pressure 35 psid @ 68°F (2.4 bar @ 20°C)
Recommended changeover differential pressure 20 psid (1.4 bar)
Regulatory status (see Ordering Guide)
CFR Compliance All 3M DF series polypropylene “PP” and polyester “FE” element component materials are listed for food contact in accordance with 21 CFR 177.1520.

Chemical compatibility of 3M DuoFlo bag cartridges

Chemicals Material 3M™ DF
Polypropylene Polyester
Biological agents Excellent Excellent
Mineral acids Excellent Good
Organic acids Excellent Excellent
Alkaline Excellent Poor
Oxidizing agents Failure Failure
Organic solvents Failure Good
The thermal and chemical resistance data presented in this brochure are for guidance only. Factors such as duration, the degree of concentration of a substance in a fluid and temperature must also be taken into account. Thermal and chemical resistance must also be taken into account when choosing all materials exposed to fluids.

DuoFlo bag cartridge highlights:

  • Dual Layer Filtration: The DuoFlo Bag Filter’s dual-layer design offers high-performance filtration in two stages. Graduated porosity, the outer layer retains larger particles, while the higher density inner layer traps smaller particles, providing efficient and thorough filtration.
  • Quality materials: Made of polypropylene and polyester, with high quality and resistant materials, this filter bag ensures long life and consistent performance even under challenging operating conditions.
  • Advanced sealing technology: The innovative sealing system ensures a tight fit and leak-free installation, minimizing the potential for cross-contamination and optimizing filtration.
  • Wide micron range: Available in a wide variety of micron size options, the DuoFlo Bag Filter fits a variety of applications and filtration requirements, from larger particle retention to fine particle filtration.

Advantages and Benefits of the DuoFlo bag filter:

  • Improved Efficiency: The combination of dual-layer filtration and advanced sealing technology results in more effective filtration and higher particle retention, which improves the quality of the filtered liquid.
  • Cost Reduction: Higher filtration efficiency means fewer bag replacements and less downtime, which translates into cost savings and improved productivity.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Easy installation and replacement of the bags, along with their high-performance design, facilitate maintenance and trouble-free operation.
  • Application Versatility: From water filtration to industrial chemicals, the 3M DuoFlo Filter Bag is suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries.

DuoFlo industry applications:

  • Chemical Industry: Ideal for the filtration of chemical products and solvents, helping to maintain the purity and quality of the final product.
  • Food and Beverage: Contributes to the elimination of unwanted particles in liquids used in the production of food and beverages.
  • Pharmaceutical: Provides reliable filtration in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, ensuring the integrity and safety of the process.
  • Water Treatment: Used in water purification and filtration in water treatment plants and drinking water systems.

The 3M DuoFlo Filter Bag is a leading choice in industrial filtration, offering efficiency, reliability and versatility to address the changing needs of the industry. With its advanced design and superior features, it is an essential tool for ensuring clean, high quality liquids in a variety of industrial processes.

The 3M DuoFlo filter bag is an advanced and effective system that reduces the costs and time associated with filter changes in filtration operations. This filter offers a true graded porosity structure with 62% greater filter area compared to conventional felt bag filters. This allows you to reduce filter usage, minimizing product loss, disposal costs and operator exposure.

In addition, thanks to its innovative design, the 3M DuoFlo filter bag provides superior contaminant holding capacity, which is achieved by combining two layers of filter media with different porosities. This reduces the potential for filter element breakage and the resulting contamination of downstream effluent with previously reduced particulates. It also reduces the fluid retention volume of the filter element by 67% compared to conventional bag filters, minimizing worker exposure to process fluids.

The 3M DuoFlo bag filter fits easily into most existing bag filter receptacles and can be easily inserted into new operations. Filter options are available in the following nominal ratings: 1 to 200 micron in polypropylene and polyester materials, including 21CFR listed materials.

The 3M DuoFlo baghouse also features superior flow characteristics and increased contaminant holding capacity, allowing for longer service life and lower maintenance costs. This filter is the right choice for those applications that require higher efficiency and less maintenance in their filtration operations.

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