Inline Sediment Filter Cartridge ISF-10


Inline sedimentation filter cartridge for drinking water

Raw material: Polypropylene
Sizes: diameters 2″ x 10
Connection: 1/4″ NPT thread
Pieces per box: 25.

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Inline sediment filter cartridge.

The sediment filter cartridge helps us to retain particles imperceptible to humans, although we do not believe the water that comes out of our pipes despite having gone through different purification processes. Although there are very strict regulations regarding water purification and distribution in cities, water quality may vary from area to area and the water may be the cause of some household equipment being affected.

What are sediments?

A sediment is any particle of organic and inorganic matter found within the water, it is a suspended state and can be carried away by the same current.

Sediments can be of different origins, but the most common are sand, mud, chemical elements and metallic particles.

How does the inline filter cartridge work?

The sediment filter cartridge is designed for soil, suspended solids greater than 5 microns.

The inline sediment cartridge provides us with cleaner, clearer and better water.

These filters are easily installed in the water line for the refrigerator ice maker, reverse osmosis or carbon and UV filter systems in your kitchen for safer water.

The cartridge design prevents water channeling, ensuring good water contact with the activated carbon.

You can combine it with the inline activated carbon filter for a better result.

Inline sediment filter cartridge

Sediment-free water with the inline Filter Cartridge.

Protect your home and enjoy cleaner, purer water with our innovative sediment filter cartridge.

Features and benefits of the inline filter cartridge.

  • Effective sediment removal: Our filter cartridge is designed to effectively trap and remove sediment, particles, sand and solid rust present in the water. Improve its quality and avoid obstructions in your pipes.
  • Compatibility with domestic purifiers: This filter cartridge is ideal for use in domestic ultraviolet light purifiers and residential reverse osmosis systems. It provides additional protection and ensures purer, clearer water.
  • Easy installation and maintenance: Installing and replacing the Inline Sediment Filter Cartridge is extremely simple, with no special tools or technical knowledge required. In addition, its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for any space.
  • Increased durability of your appliances: By reducing the presence of sediment in the water, this filter cartridge extends the life of your appliances, such as refrigerators, water heaters and dishwashers, preventing breakdowns and premature wear.
  • Guaranteed quality: Carbotecnia is a leading brand in the water filtration market, and this filter cartridge has been manufactured with high quality materials and subjected to rigorous controls to ensure its efficiency and durability.

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy cleaner, purer and healthier water in your home!

The Carbotecnia Inline ISF10 Water Sediment Filter Cartridge is the perfect solution to improve the quality of your drinking water and protect your household appliances. Dare to try it and you will notice the difference.

The Inline 5 micron sediment filter is ideal for refrigerators and residential reverse osmosis systems. The filter cartridge effectively removes particles, sand and rust, improving water quality and prolonging the life of household appliances. Easy installation and maintenance.

Order now and start enjoying the benefits of purer, clearer water in your home!

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Sediment filter cartridges frequently asked questions

What is a water sediment filter cartridge?

A water sediment filter cartridge is a device designed to effectively remove sediment, particles, sand and rust from water. Improves water quality and avoids solid contaminants. These cartridges are usually made of high quality materials, such as polypropylene, and have pores of different sizes (measured in microns) to trap and retain suspended particles.

Why is it important to remove sediment from water?

Sediment in water can not only affect its appearance, taste and odor, but can also cause problems in our plumbing and appliances. By removing sediment, we prevent the accumulation of particles in the pipes, which can cause blockages and reduced water flow. In addition, by reducing the presence of sediments in the water, we extend the useful life of our household appliances, such as refrigerators, water heaters and dishwashers, avoiding breakdowns and premature wear.

How does a water sediment filter cartridge work?

The water sediment filter cartridge works through a mechanical filtration process, in which water passes through a series of layers of filter media, such as polypropylene or fiberglass. These layers have pores of different sizes, which trap and retain suspended particles, allowing only clean and pure water to pass through them.

Where is a water sediment filter cartridge used?

Water sediment filter cartridges are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, such as domestic water purifiers, residential reverse osmosis systems, refrigerators and water dispensers. Thanks to their compact and versatile design, these cartridges can be easily installed in any space, offering a practical and efficient solution to improve water quality in your home.

How to choose the right water sediment filter cartridge?

When choosing a water sediment filter cartridge, it is important to consider factors such as pore size (measured in microns), particle holding capacity and cartridge life. In addition, it is critical to ensure that the cartridge is compatible with your water filtration system and that it is made of high quality, durable materials.

In summary, the water sediment filter cartridge is an essential device to ensure the quality and purity of the water in our home. It protects our purifying equipment and household appliances and improves our quality of life. If you don’t already have one, we encourage you to try it and discover the difference it can make in your home. You won’t regret it!

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