Inline Sediment Filter Cartridge ISF-10

Inline sedimentation cartridge for drinking water

Raw material: Polypropylene

Sizes: diameters 2″ x 10

Connection: 1/4″ NPT thread

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Inline sediment filter cartridge.

The sediment filter cartridge helps us to retain particles imperceptible to humans, although we do not believe the water that comes out of our pipes despite having gone through different purification processes. Although there are very strict regulations regarding water purification and distribution in cities, water quality may vary from area to area and the water may be the cause of some household equipment being affected.

What are sediments?

A sediment is any particle of organic and inorganic matter found within the water, it is a suspended state and can be carried away by the same current.

Sediments can be of different origins but the most common are sand, mud, chemical elements and metallic particles.

The sediment filter cartridge is designed for soil, suspended solids greater than 5 microns.

  • The inline sediment cartridge provides us with cleaner, clearer and better water.

These filters are easily installed in the water line for refrigerator ice maker, reverse osmosis or simple water filtration systems.

The cartridge design prevents water channeling, ensuring good water contact with the activated carbon.

You can combine it with the inline activated carbon filter for a better result.


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2.0 "x10"