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Our history

Our history began in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in 1988, with the installation of the first coconut shell charcoal activation plant in North America. When Carbotecnia was established in 2003, we were already exporting to Europe and South America, and we were manufacturing special activated carbons, such as: bacteriostatic, surface modified, ingestible and ultrapure.

After filtration (retention of solids present in a fluid), adsorption on activated carbon is the second most used fluid purification operation by humans, so the company has been researching, developing and offering engineering for these purposes.

The most frequent application of activated carbon is water purification, so in 2004 we entered the field of engineering and sales of plants, equipment and supplies for drinking water purification and process water production. The latter are those that require particular parameters, such as in the chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, among others.

Since its inception, the company’s strategy has been to provide the best possible technical support and technical training to our customers, in order to work with them, and in a co-responsible manner, to solve their problems or achieve their purification goals.

In addition, since 2006 we have sought to become a truly socially responsible company. This is not only to give it added value and to make it a place of fulfillment for those who relate to it (its own personnel, suppliers, customers and the surrounding community), but also as an essential part of a strategy of competitiveness and permanence.

We continue to build this project.

  • 2019 – Our line of activated carbons was NSF certified.


  • 2004 – We have ventured into water treatment systems.


  • 2003 – Founded Carbotecnia with the manufacture of special air carbons.


  • 1988 – The family founded Nobrac, the first coconut shell manufacturing plant in North America.

Our purpose

To contribute in obtaining healthy and pleasant liquids and gases, by means of activated carbons, engineering for their application, and equipment and supplies for their treatment.


Our vision

To be recognized as the most capable team for those who need a professional solution in fluid purification.

Our values


Work is a condition for human fulfillment and prosperity.


The company is the organization whose goal is to generate material benefits, and is therefore an environment conducive to work.


The company is the people who make it up. To seek the best for her is to seek the best for all her employees.


The company will be honest, strong and competitive. You will always have challenges in innovation, you will always have to overcome brands and grow continuously.


The company will have an efficient administration; it will be austere and orderly; its structures will be simple; it will have clear objectives, goals and strategies.


For people to be successful through the company they are part of, they need a sense of belonging that allows them to put it first in the search for the common good.


For its employees, the company will seek: that work and responsibility are stimulating and translate into self-esteem; that they find the freedom to express themselves; that everyone has the opportunity to climb to the highest positions; that personal results are recognized and rewarded.


It is essential for employees:

The necessary preparation to fulfill their responsibilities; the training to master work tools and procedures; the continuous development of skills such as: analyzing, synthesizing, making judgments, finding solutions, making decisions, working under pressure, forming teams, reconciling opposites, expressing themselves correctly orally and in writing.

Dedication, punctuality, order, follow-up, use of reason (and not only intuition) and development of the ability to distinguish the essential from the tribal.

Optimism, humility, equanimity, creativity, flexibility, tolerance, respect and kindness.

Human development; self-knowledge. Overcoming unhealthy emotions, such as fear and guilt.

Austerity, savings and investment in the best available alternatives.


Safety shall be a condition for all activities.


For the company, the customer is as important as the supplier, the collaborator, the neighbor, the competitor, the partner and the community in general.


In the company, the exercise of authority will be directly related to service to others.


Socioeconomically disadvantaged personnel will gradually become better off, and not only in terms of salaries. This will be done without paternalism and in a co-responsible manner.


Social and environmental awareness is fundamental to the company. Through your performance, you will do your part to eradicate poverty. It will be supportive, committed, and respectful of nature.
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