Conducarb – Coal for physical land improvement.


Coconut shell powdered charcoal for physical soil improvement.

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Coal for physical land improvement.

Raw material: Coconut shell

Mesh size: < 50

Presentation : 25 kg bags, Super bags of 500 kg.


Improvement of physical earths whose electrical resistance must be reduced.

Conducarb is a carbon specially synthesized to improve physical earths for grounding electrical circuits and lightning rods. It is manufactured from coconut shell which, because it grows in brackish water areas, forms a carbon that contains a significant proportion of ions in its structure that increase its conductivity. Carbonization is carried out at high temperatures in order to obtain a semi-graphitic coal that is a better conductor than an amorphous coal (as wood coal tends to be).

This product is pulverized until it passes through the 50 mesh, in order to obtain a high density and a low interparticle space, which guarantees the highest possible conductivity.

Conducarb is applied in soils consisting of porous minerals or with high resistivity, which therefore do not allow sufficient conductivity to be achieved with a small number of grounding rods.

Conducarb can be applied alone or in combination with other products. Among them is bentonite, which, although an expensive material, increases the charcoal’s own capacity since it is hygroscopic and maintains a certain level of humidity.

Conducarb can be applied after the grounding rod has been placed in the hole drilled in the ground. Since it is an insoluble and very stable product, it maintains its conductive properties over time.