Valves for filters and softeners

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Filter and Softener Valve.

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We distribute:

Manual valves (multivalves)
Automatic valves.
Timer valves.
Meter valves.
Manual valves or multivalves for filter and water softener.

Manual valves for filter and water softener are manually operated valves for use in water purification systems.

They are the most economical type of valves and are therefore the most commonly used in water purification plants. They are also known as manual flow control valves.

Applications include: zeolite, sand, gravel, garnet or other filter media equipment, residential softeners or filters, ion exchange equipment, activated carbon purifiers, industrial water pretreatment systems, swimming pool filtration equipment.

Automatic valves for filters and softeners.

The systems we distribute are mainly controlled by Clack valves, however we also handle Fleck, Pentair, Canature, Aquamatic valves, among others.

Take a look at our wide selection of automatic water control valves below to learn more about which product would be best for your specific needs.

When to choose between a manual and an automatic valve for my water treatment system?

To choose the best valve for you, you should consider your budget, the type of operation you require and whether you have the personnel available for the operation.

The following table summarizes the main characteristics of each type of valve:

Type of valve Main characteristics

– They are more economical
– They are easy to operate.
– Their life time is shorter.
– Maintenance is simpler.
– It requires an operator for its operation.
Automatic – They have a higher cost.
– Experience is required to program them.
– The useful life is more than 5 years approximately.
– Experience is required to perform maintenance.
– It works automatically.
What brand of valve should I choose?

To conclude: the main brands available in Mexico are:


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