Water filters for restaurants

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Water filters or purifiers for restaurants

Purify the water in your cafeteria, for fast food, ice machines, soft drinks and food preparation. Water filters in your restaurant help to reduce bottled water costs and therefore improve the profit margin in your business.

100% reliable water for coffee, soft drinks or food preparation.

There is a growing backlash against restaurants offering bottled water to customers.  People are increasingly concerned about the environmental costs of bottled water. These costs manifest themselves not only in the plastic that is not recycled but also in the costs to the planet associated with transportation and collection.

Why bottle when water filters provide the same water quality with a much smaller carbon footprint?

Customers use environmental arguments to criticize restaurants that advertise bottled water. Consumers around the world are against these practices and point the finger at food service providers who are not keeping up with the latest trends in green water supply.

Benefits of using water filteres in foodservice.

Below we compiled a list of 6 main benefits of a water purifier:

  1. Restaurants that yield water from a filter see the benefits of using this water purifier to advertise their business.
  2. It is healthy and environmentally friendly.
  3. Economic savings. Compared to the high cost of buying and ordering bottled water, restaurant owners can install a filter at a low cost and use tap water.
  4. The water filter requires little maintenance and is economical and does not build up garbage like water bottles.
  5. Presentation is also not an issue: reusable glass bottles present a long-lasting, high-quality image to customers without the need for the branding associated with commercial bottled water.
  6. Use of filtered water in machinery: Espresso machines, ice machines, among others require a water supply and are easily damaged if operated with unfiltered water. This is because calcium and other elements in tap water create scale and can damage equipment beyond repair or force additional maintenance which means downtime and additional costs.

Types of water filters for restaurants

A water filtration system is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Different appliances in your restaurant may require different types of filters. In addition the type of water you are filtering may also be a factor in determining the filtration system you will need. The most common types of filtration systems in foodservice applications include:

Activated carbon filter:

Allow customers to enjoy pure water without the pure taste. The porous filter effectively removes smaller contaminants such as chlorine, chloramines and bacteria before they reach the ice machine or coffee maker.

While carbon filters can also remove larger particles and deposits they tend to build up the filter much faster.

If your restaurant’s water supply contains more of these larger contaminants an additional pre-filtration filter may be needed. Sediment pre-filters are installed upstream of the carbon filter system to remove larger particles before they reach the carbon filter.

Reverse osmosis systems RO.

Even the smallest minerals and sediment can affect the taste and clarity of feed water. Reverse osmosis or RO systems push water under pressure through an ultra-thin membrane removing sulfates, heavy metals and chlorides that can give water a salty taste. The reverse osmosis system is the perfect filtration solution for creating crystal clear ice or making the perfect cocktail.

Ultraviolet lamp

If parasitic microorganisms or even harmful bacteria are found in the feed water, they must be deactivated to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff. UV filters disinfect the water with ultraviolet radiation. While they are very effective at removing small organic compounds from water they are not designed to remove large amounts of sediment and minerals. For this reason UV filters are often used in conjunction with sediment pre-filters or even carbon filters to obtain the freshest water possible.

An effective water filtration system will remove a wide variety of contaminants from your water supply including scale, heavy metals, microorganisms and even bacteria. Clean water not only improves the taste of your food and beverages but also keeps your equipment free of dirt and allows it to function properly. This translates into fewer maintenance calls and equipment downtime.

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