WS1.25 Clack Valve

Valve for filter or softener 1 1/4″.

Connections: }}quot; NPT”}’>1 1/4″ NPT
Material: Noryl
Thread at the base: }}quot;”}’>2.5″
Cycles: 6
Min. Flow / Max. operation: 20 psi – 125 psi
Min. / Max. temperature : 4.44 °C to 43.3 °C

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Clack WS1.25 valve.

Clack valve flows for softener and filter:

Continuous at 15 psi pressure drop (bypass and gauge sold separately, gauge only applies to flow-through valves): 34 gpm (72 lpm)

Backwash 25 psi pressure drop (bypass sold separately): 32 gpm (121 lpm)

Service hp (flow at 1 psi pressure drop): 8.0

Backwash CV (flow at 1 psi pressure drop): 6.4


  • 4-digit LCD display information with status indicators.
  • Solid state microprocessor with easily accessible front panel configuration.
  • Service flow 34 gpm, backwash 32 gpm
  • Backwash capability for tanks up to 21″ in diameter
  • Front panel to display time of day, day and date of next regeneration.
  • Days between regeneration: 1-99 days standard; 7 – days optional
  • The double backwash function offers optimal regeneration, cleaning efficiency.
  • 10 selectable pre-programmed regeneration cycles.
  • Coin-type lithium battery for 8-hour programming protection reserve.
  • Automatic 50/60 Hz frequency detection, automatic 12/24 hour time, maintaining 12 volt output formats, 12 volt power adapter provides easy and safe installation.
  • Patented one-piece assembly and spacer seal system U.S.A. 6.402.944
  • The operation of the U.S. patented linear reciprocating piston. Patent 6444127
  • Reliable and proven CD drive.

Clack valves for water softeners and water filters.

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