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Water dispensers with filter

Water dispensers with filter or purifier, offering hot and cold water, can include a UV light purifier, ultra-filtration or reverse osmosis.

The purified water dispenser is made to replace the water dispensers that use jugs in your office, industry, corporate, home, schools and universities.

What is the function of water dispensers with filters?

A dispenser, also called a water cooler (in case you only have cold water), is a system that cools, heats and dispenses water for human consumption.

It is usually used in domestic or industrial kitchens, as it has closer access to water outlets. It must also be close to a drain to drain for rejection or maintenance purge.

The water dispenser have several variants, ranging from wall-mounted, floor-mounted and bottle fillers to two-tier systems and other formats.

Point-of-Use (POU) filter water dispenser.

Our dispensers with filters are point-of-use (POU). Point-of-use POU water dispensers are connected directly to the potable water supply and pass through a water purifier inside the dispenser, while carafe water dispenser (user mounted) are usually on the top or bottom of the dispenser, depending on the design of the model.

They are also usually more hygienic than bottled water dispenser, the handling and washing of carafes being made of plastic often does not go through hygiene controls.

Reverse osmosis water purifier water dispenser are one of the most reliable on the market, since they offer purified water directly from the dispenser, and with a quality that exceeds the water from carafes.

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