EZH2O EZWSSM and LZWSSM bottle filling station EZH2O EZWSSM and LZWSSM


Model: EZWSSM filling with optical sensor (requires electrical power)

Minimum operating pressure: 20 psi

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Elkay EZH2O® Bottle Filling Station

This bottle filling dispenser offers a fast, reliable and clean filling, because our hands do not touch any element of the equipment, in addition we help the sustainability of our environment, leaving the dependence on the use of PET bottles and plastic jugs.

The equipment has an optical no-touch sanitary sensor that is automatically activated and auto shut-off in 20 seconds.

  • Fast filling.
  • Green Ticker™ visual counter. Count the number of bottles we have avoided throwing away.

Get fresh, purified drinking water instantly with Elkay EZWSSM! This compact and modern bottle filler can be additionally equipped with an activated carbon cartridge to ensure that you drink high quality water. With its fast fill flow and self-cleaning function, the EZWSSM is easy to use and maintain, making it perfect for offices, schools and other public spaces. Say goodbye to disposable water bottles and enjoy clean, fresh drinking water at all times with Elkay EZWSSM!

Elkay’s EZWSSM bottle filler offers three unique advantages:

Optical sensor

Automatic bottle filler sensor

Automatic optical sensor: Thanks to its optical sensor, this bottle filler allows fast, accurate and much more hygienic filling. Simply bring your bottle close and the sensor will detect its presence, automatically activating the water flow and filling it efficiently and without touching a button.

Green ticket

Bottle fill counter

Bottle counter: With the built-in bottle counter function, you will know how many disposable bottles you have avoided throwing away. This will allow you to have control and a clear vision of the impact you are generating by opting for a reusable filling, thus encouraging a reduction in the use of plastic.

No stagnation

Actual drainage or drainage

Real drainage: The EZWSSM has an efficient drainage system that prevents stagnation and unpleasant odors in the equipment. This real drainage ensures optimal hygiene, keeping the device clean and safe for continuous use.

The Elkay EZWSSM is the perfect solution for those seeking convenience, sustainability and reliable performance in a bottle filler.

Elkay bottle filling stations.

Compact single-socket models, available with and without water purifier.

It is an accessible, modern and attractive drinking fountain, ideal for airports, universities, sports centers and more…

Green Ticker
Green Ticker™ counts the number of bottles that were saved from being wasted.
Fast filling.
Fast filling of 1.1 to 1.5 gallons per minute.
Automatic activation sensor
Sanitary activation sensor (no manual contact) with automatic closing timer of 20 seconds.


Stainless steel
  • Green Ticker™.
  • Hands-Free
  • Anti-microbial silver ions
  • Laminar flow
  • Drainage outlet
Cooling capacity
No cooling system
Nozzle type
Without nozzle
Wall mounting (On-Wall)
  • ADA & ICC A117.1
  • Buy American Act
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 120
  • GreenSpec
  • NSF 372 (lead free)
  • NSF 61
  • UL 399
Equipment dimensions
Length: 456mm

Width: 208mm

Height: 646mm

Box dimensions
Length: 584mm

Width: 356mm

Height: 787mm

Approximate weight of the box
15 kg
  • Made in USA
  • ADA compliant (wheelchair)

In Carbotecnia we have the support and direct certification of Elkay, one of the most recognized manufacturers of drinking fountains worldwide.