Elkay LZO8L drinking fountain, hands-free activation.

Hygienic, safe and reliable.

  • Provides water without touching the drinking fountain.
  • Indoor installation.
  • Supplies cold water.




Automatic activation drinker.

The LZO8L drinking fountain belongs to Elkay’s EZ line, one of Elkay’s most popular lines.

The hands-free drinking fountains are operated by an optical motion sensor, so there is no need to be in contact with the drinking fountain to enjoy drinking water.

Hands Free Sensor.
The water flow is activated by a motion sensor.
Visual filter status monitor
It informs when the filter needs to be replaced, it has 3 indicators: green, yellow and red.
Flexi-Guard nozzle.
With flexible antimicrobial mouthguard that protects against mouth lesions and the spread of microorganisms.
Integrated drainage.
Unique integrated clipless drain reduces debris accumulation and facilitates cleaning.
Accessible design.
Its design facilitates access for children and wheelchair users.

Hands Free automatic sensor.

The LZO8L drinker features a Hands-Free® electronic sensor. When a user stands in front of the drinking fountain the infrared light sensor triggers the solenoid valve which opens to allow water flow.

This hands-free sprue is programmed with a maximum run time of 30 seconds to avoid damage to the cooler and sensor. The sensor range is adjustable.

Filter monitor

The filter monitor records water usage and alerts users when the filter needs to be changed. The three light system Green (filter below 80% of capacity) Yellow (80% to 90% of capacity) and Red (filter needs to be replaced) helps to maintain that the user always has the best filtered water available.


  • Completely hands-free: A completely hands-free unit; sprues that operate without contact, activated by an optical motion sensor so as not to touch the sprue.
  • Antimicrobial protection: Flexi-Guard® mouthpiece with flexible antimicrobial mouthguard protects against injury to the mouth and the spread of microorganisms.
  • Integrated drain: Unique integrated clipless drain reduces debris build-up and facilitates cleaning.
  • Filter life time indicator: It has a three-light system of green, red and yellow. When the red indicator lights up, it is necessary to replace the filter.
  • Water cooler: enjoy unlimited cold water.


Number of nozzles
Filtered visual filter monitor, hands-free
Power source:
115V / 60Hz
L: 18-3 / 8 ”

W: 19″

H: 19-13 / 16 “

Mouthpiece style:
Flexi-Guard ® Safety bubbler
Mounting option:
Wall mounting (wall-mounted)
Cooling option:
8.0 GPH
Shipping dimensions:
L: 20-1 / 2 ”

W: 19-11 / 16″

H: 24-3 / 8 “

Approximate shipping weight (lb):
Water cooler, filter.
EZ Family.
ADA compliance:
Standards with which it complies:
ADA and ICC A117.1

ASME A112.19.3 / CSA B45.4

Buy American Act

CAN / CSA C22.2 No. 120

NSF 42

NSF 53

NSF 61

NSF 372 (lead-free)

UL 399

Do you have doubts about the installation? We invite you to watch the following video: