Watering trough faucet.

Valve or faucet for school water trough

Made of button with 1/4″ connection, chrome plated.

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Faucet for water trough, made of brass with button, chrome plated finish.

This faucet for drinking trough is easy to install, has accessories for fixing and adapts to existing drinking troughs in case it is a replacement. It has a jet regulating valve to increase or decrease its pressure and flow.

Material: Brass and chrome finish.

Connection: 1/4″ thread for flexible hose connection.

Contains no lead parts.

Compatible with 1/4″ flexible hoses.

Chrome plated push button taps and installation accessories, this nozzle is designed to be used outdoors or indoors (not in very corrosive environments), with adjustable jet and direct connection to flexible hose.

Faucet for water troughs.


Rounded button.

Button with rounded edges easy to operate.

Adjustable flow.

Water flow can be adjusted without tools.

1/4" output.

Outlet allowing abundant water flow.

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Weight 1 kg