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Filter for subsurface drip irrigation with discs.

Disc filters are a type of filter that can be used in a wide range of industries. But the reason for the invention of these filters was to remove sediment from subsurface irrigation water. The discs of a disc filter are designed in the form of a cylindrical drum that retains sediment in surface water for irrigation. Thus, the filter for subsurface drip irrigation can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the needs and operating conditions of the water source. Disc filters are used for cleaning sediments from large flows of treated wastewater and drinking water, as well as for irrigation of large plots of land and crops. The main use of disc filters is to prevent clogging of nozzles in subsurface irrigation systems.

Subsurface drip irrigation is an innovative technique that has revolutionized the way water is managed in agriculture and landscaping. In this article, we will explore the benefits and advantages of this solution, and how Azud contributes to its implementation.

What is subsurface drip irrigation?

Subsurface drip irrigation is a method of irrigation that consists of applying water directly to plant roots through pipes and emitters buried in the soil. This system allows a precise and uniform distribution of water, resulting in a more efficient use of this resource and a reduction in the amount of water needed for irrigation.


The primary function of a disc filter is to remove sand and other sediment from the water in drip irrigation water.

The primary function of a disc filter is to remove sand and other sediment from subsurface irrigation water. Disc filters can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the available space and operating conditions of the water source.

The first step in using a disc filter is to install it in your system’s piping network as close as possible to its source (i.e., where it exits your well). Next, you will need a pumping system that drives pressure through the filter; this generates suction inside each orifice of the disk, extracting the silt particles that were hiding there before they could make their way into the main channels of your piping. For air-assisted disc filters, we also recommend using a compressor to assist in backwashing and cleaning.

Profitable and productive crops for introduction are nuts such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and/or pistachios.

disc filter schematic for subsurface drip irrigation

What happens in the seepage of subsurface irrigation water then?

It’s very simple: the plastic discs are stacked one on top of the other to form a block between each disc. The discs have grooves that allow water flow and retain sediment particles deep in the duct. They are connected to the pump to pass the water through the filters so that it can retain undesirable particles before they reach the nozzles of the irrigation system.

The Azud disc filter has a patented Helix Sistem which consists of a rotating circular plate that moves the liquid by centrifugal force (rotating). This prevents the filter from prematurely clogging, it makes a centrifugal sweep of the sediments. The filter media (disc block) has different micron ratings, the required microns can be requested and it is differentiated by a color. The micron selection is chosen based on the application requirements, such as size reduction or filtration efficiency required. The typical micron rating used for irrigation is 130 microns or greater.

azud filtration degrees in microns for disc filters

How to select the right subsurface irrigation filter?

If you are considering installing a disc filter for subsurface irrigation water for gardening, landscaping, plots or large farmland, you may want to consider the following:

  • Disc filters are used for sediment treatment for small or large flows of tertiary wastewater and drinking water, especially for irrigation of large plots of land and crops.
  • Disc filters can be configured in many ways depending on the intended use, location, available space and water quality (it is important to know the amount of sediment or a sample of water to be treated).

It is recommended to consult the technical specifications and if you need help in choosing the right filter for your subsurface irrigation, you can write to us to help you with the choice.

subsurface irrigation with the aid of disc filters

Advantages of using an air-assisted disc filter to prevent nozzle clogging in a subsurface irrigation system in agricultural fields.

Irrigation efficiency:

The use of an air-assisted disc filter ensures that solid particles and sediment are removed from the water before it reaches the nozzles of the irrigation system. This ensures a constant and uniform flow of water, resulting in an efficient distribution of water in the crop field.

Less maintenance:

By preventing nozzle clogging, the need for frequent maintenance of the subsurface irrigation system is reduced. This avoids opening and having to clean and unclog the nozzles, allowing the farmer to focus on other important tasks in the field.

Longer life of the irrigation system:

Frequent clogging of nozzles can cause wear and damage to the irrigation system. A disc filter effectively traps impurities present in the water, such as sand, algae, leaves or other sediments. Prolongs the life of the irrigation system and avoids costly replacements or repairs.

Water savings:

Water savings of 30 to 40%. An efficient and unobstructed subsurface irrigation system ensures that the right amount of water is used for irrigation, avoiding waste and promoting the responsible use of this vital resource. The disc filter system is self-cleaning sequentially in automatic mode and if the compressed air cleaning system is used, we can save up to 90% of the backwash water.

Improved crop quality:

By ensuring a constant and uniform supply of water through an unobstructed subsurface irrigation system, healthy and uniform crop growth is promoted. This can result in higher yields and better quality of the final product.

Reduction of diseases and pests:

Uniform and efficient irrigation can help prevent the proliferation of diseases and pests in the crop field. By maintaining a suitable environment for plant growth, the risk of infections and pest attacks is reduced. Also, less herbicides are used, and that this type of agriculture is better adapted with the use of less herbicides, improving the soil structure with capillary irrigation, including organic fertilizers, etc.

Less soil erosion:

Controlled and unobstructed water application reduces soil erosion and nutrient loss, contributing to soil conservation and ecosystem sustainability.

The main use of disc filters is to prevent clogging of nozzles or orifices in subsurface irrigation systems.

The main use of disc filters is to prevent clogging of nozzles in subsurface irrigation systems. These filters are used for large-scale cleaning of irrigation water.

The main advantage of these devices is that they can grow modularly to obtain more filtered water according to your needs and budgets.

In conclusion, the use of an air-assisted disc filter in a subsurface irrigation system for agricultural fields offers multiple advantages, such as increased irrigation efficiency, reduced maintenance, extended irrigation system life, water savings, improved crop quality, and reduced disease and pests.

The disc filter is a great choice for your irrigation needs. It’s easy to install and maintain, plus it will save you water and money in the long run!

Azud brand solutions for subsurface drip irrigation.

Azud is a leader in the implementation of subsurface drip irrigation systems, offering customized solutions adapted to the needs of each project. Its products include:

  • Subsurface irrigation pipes and ribbons: Azud manufactures high quality and durable pipes and ribbons with integrated emitters that guarantee uniform water distribution and a long service life.
  • Filtration and water treatment: To ensure the proper functioning of the subsurface drip irrigation system, Azud offers filtration and water treatment solutions that remove impurities and prevent clogging of the emitters.
  • Control and automation systems: Azud offers control and automation systems that allow monitoring and adjusting irrigation efficiently, ensuring optimal water management and fertigation.

Disc filters used for drip irrigation

In conclusion, subsurface drip irrigation is an efficient and sustainable solution for water management in agriculture and landscaping. Azud y Carbotecnia, as a leader in the sector, offers filters and other high-quality products that guarantee the success of your implementation and contribute to the conservation of the environment and water resources.

Disc filters available for filtration of subsurface drip irrigation water:

More information on disc filters:

Sources: Subsurface drip irrigation in extensive and woody crops – AZUD

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