Salt for water softener

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Salt for Water Softener.

The salt for water softener in pellet is sodium chloride with a minimum purity of 98%, super clean so as not to clog valves or pipes of the water purification system or the house.

Since several years ago we started to recommend pellet salt more because unlike industrial salt it has advantages and the most important is the high purity. The palletization process dissolves the salt and then palletizes it, which generates an evaporation of other compounds and impurities typical of sea salts.

Another important point is related to the purity of the water softener salt that does not contain and drag into the system solid contaminants that are dragged into the brine. The salt pellets typically have a purity between 98 and 99.8%, which makes the regeneration of the cation resin more efficient and extends its life time.

These compacted water softener salt pellets are specially formulated to prevent them from entering the resin tank (as with granular salt) and also prevent them from petrifying in the brine tank, which helps keep your water softener clean and trouble-free.

High purity pellet water softener salt – typically between 98 and 99.8%.
Over 99.7% water soluble
Specially formulated compacted granules to prevent caking and suction formation in regeneration.
20 kg presentation for easier loading.

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