Deep Bed Filters

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Deep bed or multimedia filters for water.

Deep bed or Multimedia filters are designed to improve the removal of suspended solids. They are usually installed as the initial stage of the drinking water filtration process.

This is achieved due to their special filtration capabilities, as the beds are made up of different filter media.

Installation of multimedia filters.

They are normally installed as the initial filtration stage before the water is passed to the activated carbon systems. The water quality of the municipal mains water is at a high level. However, there could still be solids in the water down to 20 microns, our deep bed filters are capable of reducing particles in the water down to 10 to 20 microns. The deep bed filter is combined with a tank in the final stage of water filtration.

Multimedia Water Filter Capacities

We offer a wide range of sizes and capacities of deep bed filters to suit flow rates from 20 liters/minute to 940 liters/minute. We can also install multiple filters in parallel configuration to accommodate higher flow rates. We can also install series configurations and vary the filter media for specific filtration and water quality requirements.

When the application requires a flawless water output (car washes, or car detailing) a dual filter can be installed resulting in a higher level of water clarification designed for a flawless finish.

Automatic filter heads and control valves.

All of our deep bed filters are installed with intelligent filter head units that are programmed for polishing, backwashing, time control and regeneration. The filter heads are pre-programmed prior to installation and can be operated without any interaction from personnel.

Call us for pricing on our multimedia and deep bed filters.

Prices for each system vary depending on media type, valve type, and tank size. Contact us for advice.

Some of the pre-assembled systems we handle are:

Automatic media filters available from Carbotecnia.
8 x 44 Clack Valve
9 x 48 Clack Valve
10 x 54 Clack Valve
12 x 52 Clack Valve
13 x 54 Clack Valve
14 x 65 WS1.25TC Clack valve
16 x 65 WS1.25TC Clack valve
18 x 65 WS1.5EE Clack valve
21 x 62 Clack Valve WS1.5EE
24 x 72 Clack WS2 EE/QC Clack Valve
30 x 72 Clack WS2H Clack Valve
36 x 72 Clack WS3 Valve
42 x 72 Clack WS3 Valve

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