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Systems and supplies for water filtration and purification

Industries in which we participate

Food and Beverages

  • Restaurants, cafeterias and bars
  • Bottling Companies
  • Food industry and packaging
  • Distillate treatment
  • Beer and Wine Industries

Manufacturing and production

  • Water filtration for cleaning
  • Water purification as an ingredient in a product
  • Cooling tower filters
  • Industrial and process water filtration

Pharmaceuticals and laboratories

  • Water disinfection
  • Cartridge filter for sterile liquids
  • Purification of drug ingredients
  • Demineralized water for personal care products

Safety and environment

  • Municipal and industrial water purification plants
  • Disinfection of well water, rivers and lakes.
  • Tertiary wastewater treatment
  • Graywater treatment
  • Sanitary wastewater treatment


  • Water filtration general services
  • Water disinfection for cisterns and pools
  • Graywater and wastewater
  • Desalination plants
  • Point-of-use purifiers for coffee and ice makers

Industrial – residential construction

  • Residential Developments
  • Systems for Buildings and Apartment Complexes
  • Shopping Malls and Public Squares
  • All-in-one purifiers, filters and pumps to improve water.

Automotive Industry

  • Sediment filters for process water and paints
  • Water disinfection
  • Water demineralization
  • Filtration for washing or cooling recirculation


  • Filtration for particles smaller than 1 micron
  • Water disinfection
  • Deionization or demineralization systems
  • Granular media for pH regulation

Chemicals Industries

  • Water conditioners for pH or iron control
  • Chlorine or chlorine dioxide generators
  • Chemical dosing pumps
  • Ion exchangers
  • Demineralization equipment

Categories for water and air purification.


More than 30 years of experience treating water in Mexico


Our story begins in 1987, with the installation of the very first coconut shell activated carbon plant in North America. Years later we specialized in engineering and water treatment plants.

Since its origin, we have focused on providing the best possible technical support and technical training to our customers, to seek with them, and in a co-responsible manner, the solution to their problems or the achievement of their goals in terms of purification.

Featured Products

We test and analyze the performance of each product before it reaches your company.


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Sigifredo BarriosSigifredo Barrios
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Un buen lugar Pero demasiado escondido pero a la vez el ambiente muy agradable
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Mx SpectroMx Spectro
17:33 01 Dec 23
Excelente servicio!!
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03:09 21 Nov 23
Atienden muy bien y me instalaron los filtros puntualmente.
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Atienden muy rápido, me gustó el servicio.
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22:57 21 Sep 23
Ya no existe la empresa me imagino, ya que no funcionan ni los teléfonos ni el chat de la pagina web
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00:01 28 Jan 23
J. Jesus LópezJ. Jesus López
19:21 27 Jan 23
Excelente servicio, gracias a Edgar Esaú Flores por su atención y amabilidad. Excelente empresa
Jorge Luis AbadJorge Luis Abad
02:16 17 Dec 22
Excelente servicio y atención por parte de depto. Ventas
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10:11 29 Sep 22
Ilse LariosIlse Larios
03:56 12 Aug 22
Excelente atención y muy buen servicio
David EufracioDavid Eufracio
12:11 30 Apr 22
Excelente servicio, cuenta con una amplia gama de productos y el precio es inmejorable, muy recomendable para equipos de filtración y medios filtrantes. La atención es personalizada y son muy eficientes.
Eduardo PérezEduardo Pérez
20:00 25 Apr 22
Recomendado para todo lo que tiene que ver co tratamiento de agua
Tonatiuh Amador B.Tonatiuh Amador B.
02:11 30 Jul 20
Exelente empresa , atención y servicio
Miguel AcevedoMiguel Acevedo
01:03 23 Jul 20
Muy buena
Iván ZúñigaIván Zúñiga
23:46 04 Mar 20
Excelente servicio, su colaborador Cristian Rizo siempre muy atento y asesorando correctamente, así como aclarando todas las dudas.
Daniel FloresDaniel Flores
23:42 15 Apr 19
Gran calidad en sus productos
Eduardo MenaEduardo Mena
23:15 15 Apr 19
Excelente servicio

Contact us to take a look at your necessities in water treatment, activated carbon, filtration and purification.

Vegetable Activated Carbon for water, air and special applications.

Vegetable Activated Carbon for water purification

Our “Micro” activated carbon have been manufactured since 1987 from coconut shell and are thermally activated in a reducing atmosphere, saturated with water vapor.

Coconut shell charcoal has a pore diameter that is most efficient to adsorb low molecular weight organic pollutants, which are often the most harmful to humans.

Applications where charcoal is recommended:

  • Drinking water purification
  • Dechlorination.
  • Elimination of odor and flavor in water.
  • Organic Contaminant Retention

Vegetable Activated Carbon for Gas Purification

Activated carbon can be used in its pure state to remove organic contaminants from air and gases, or impregnated to retain gaseous contaminants not retained by a standard activated carbon, these carbons are chemically impregnated, for acid gases, organic vapors, mercury vapors, ammonia vapors and low molecular weight amines.

Applications of Impregnated Coconut Activated Carbon:

  • Face masks.
  • Industrial stove hoods.
  • Paint Booths.
  • Industrial fume extractors to reduce acid gases, mercury gases, etc.

Main services

At Carbotecnia we look to offer the best solutions for your filtration, purification and water treament projects.

Installation and maintenance of water treatment equipment

We are specialists in water treatment, we design technical systems for our customers based on their needs, offering them the best result for their projects.

Ask for help

Technical advice on activated carbon and water treatment.

Both remote and on-site consulting, with testing, recommendations and observations regarding water treatment systems, with detailed written reports.

Request quotation and technical advice

Activated carbon reactivation

Up to 40% savings in cost per activated carbon kilo can be achieved by reactivating, you also save costs by avoiding disposal and transportation costs of spent activated carbon. Contact us to verify that your carbon is suitable for this process.

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Our Clients

Our clients are our partners Taking care of your interests is our commitment.

Our purpose is to provide the best possible technical support and technical training to our customers, we give you advice on how to install and operate the systems to have the best performance and water quality.

In the commercial chains of which we are part, it is our commitment to look after the interests of the customer who put their trust in us.

We focus on optimizing processes and recommending cost-effective equipment that meets operating and water treatment requirements

Processes in which these customers use our products:

  • Food packaging.
  • Beauty Products Manufacturing.
  • Bottled Beverage Manufacturing.
  • Electronic Component Manufacturing.
  • Process waste water sanitization.
  • Automotive painting and manufacturing processes.
  • Activated Carbon for face masks
Clientes de Carbotecnia, Carbón activado y sistemas de tratamiento de agua
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