Purecarb M – Personal and nutritional care


Powdered vegetable activated carbon 325 mesh

Cosmetics, personal care, dental care and in the pharmaceutical industry.

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This activated carbon can be used for the purification of cosmetic products and/or pharmaceutical additives offering solutions for applications ranging from medicinal tablets or capsules to beauty and skin care products.

As global technology advances by leaps and bounds, so do medical, cosmetic and beauty treatments, leading to ultra-pure pharmaceuticals.

Activated carbon is an essential ingredient for the purification of semi-finished and final products in the pharmaceutical industry. With its adsorption capacity for a wide range of organic molecules, from odor-causing compounds to colored contaminants and proteins, activated carbon is often used in the final polishing of substances used as ingredients.

This activated carbon meets a rigorous quality standard for use as raw material in the production of these products.

The activated carbon is made from 100% vegetable origin, so it does not contain any element that modifies the product to be treated. In addition to unique properties and serve as key ingredients in a variety of personal care products, including antiperspirants, hair and body care products, cosmetics, fragrances and dental products.

Some applications:

  • Matte effect with low gloss hair and skin.
  • Absorption of oils for skin and hair care.
  • Raw material for drug manufacturing.
  • Food additives or cooking spices.
  • Elaboration of dental products.