Water Quality Analysis and Measurement Equipment

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Water measuring instruments.

We offer water quality analysis and measurement equipment, metering pumps, kits and reagents for the analysis of drinking water quality for process or service water.

This catalog provides equipment for the analysis and measurement of water quality. Knowing the characteristics of the water that surrounds us today is a fundamental aspect of our life.

Because we rely on it for drinking, as a cooking ingredient and for use in food processing, industrial applications, etc. … For these reasons, you should know the basics of water to do the above. We like to provide a wide range of functions to monitor and analyze water parameters, such as measuring conductivity, acidity or pH measurement, salt content, total dissolved solids (TDS), dissolved oxygen (DO) solubility, oxidation capacity (REDOX), ozone, temperature.

Knowing these parameters allows us to measure water quality and continuously monitor processes where water is an important component of the environment.

We can provide advanced meters for one, two or more parameters and multifunctional devices that can measure up to 13 different parameters, such as the water quality meter.

Some models with information stored in removable SD memory to store the data acquired during analysis. After that, the user simply removes the SD memory card and inserts it into the SD card hole of the computer. In this way, he can view all the measurements and the times at which they were taken and download all the data for further analysis.

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