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Drinking water fountains for schools, parks, gyms and companies in Mexico.

Water drinking fountains are cabinets that provide 24-hour access to purified water for children and adults. They can be installed anywhere: schools, parks, airports, sports centers, offices, among others. They are an economical, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

The main characteristic of a drinking fountain is that it includes a water purifier inside the drinking fountain.

School drinking fountains.

In a school you can install the drinking fountain in the playground, corridors or offices.

The advantage of a water drinking fountain is that you will avoid moving and investing in the water bottles you buy for the consumption of children and teachers, and prevent children from consuming soft drinks and other sweetened beverages, to take care of their health and weight gain.

In addition, there is a wide variety of models that take up little space and require little maintenance.

Drinking fountains brands in Mexico:

  • ELKAY.

It is the leading brand in the market, with a worldwide presence.

  • Carbotecnia.

It is our in-house brand; we can manufacture models according to your needs.

Elkay drinking fountains.

They are the world’s premium line of drinking fountains. This brand is dedicated to constantly optimizing its models and tests each model to ensure good performance, quality construction and resistance in each model.

It is distinguished because it has automatic models, with and without sensor, for both outdoors and indoors use.

Stainless steel cabinets.

Carbotecnia drinking fountains and some Elkay models have a stainless-steel cabinet which makes them ideal for both outdoors and indoors use.

Drinking fountains with water cooler.

We have drinking fountains that have the option to include a water cooler. All EZH2O models are available with or without water cooler.

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