Elkay pedestal drinking fountains FD700DL and FD7003L1Z


Water pedestal drinking fountain with water at the same time or with cooling system

Height of 96 cm.

FD700DL warm water

FD7003L1Z cold water.

Dimensions: 30 cm x 30 cm x 96 cm height.

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


ELKAY pedestal drinking fountain with and without water cooler.

The model with water chiller has a cooling capacity of 10°C of potable water, based on 26°C water inlet and 23°C ambient.

This model is hermetically sealed and the unit contains a closed cooling tank in the cabinet. Cabinet design allows for flush-to-wall installation.

It is a standard non-pressurized tank system. Non-pressurized water tank is located downstream of the bubble valve, so that the tank is subject to line pressure, and only flows when the valve button is pressed.


Cabinet: Steel source body with sand-colored vinyl cover and all working mechanisms.

Bowl : A single top piece of polished stainless steel and a uniform bright finish.

Cooling system.

Compressor motor: hermetically sealed, alternating type, 115V, 60 Hz single phase.

Equipped with electric cable and three-legged molded rubber plug.

Condenser: The fan, copper tube with aluminum fins.

The fan motor is permanently lubricated.

Cooling unit: Tube-tank type combination. The tube is made of continuous copper coil. Fully insulated with EPS foam that meets the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for self-extinguishing material. Refrigerant control: HFC-134a refrigerant is controlled by precisely calibrated capillary tube for trouble-free performance.

Temperature Control: closed adjustable thermostat, factory set. It does not require any adjustments other than for altitude requirements.


Flexi-Guard® Safety Mouthpiece: Innovative design uses a flexible antimicrobial polyester elastomer to prevent accidental injury to the mouth, flexes and returns to its original position.

Resistant to abrasion.

Colors: standard models available in light gray granite, natural almond, sandalwood and stainless steel. Addition of an optional color may delay shipment by 4 to 6 weeks.

This drinking fountain can include a water purifier that works in parallel with an ultraviolet UV sterilizer or a 3M model DWMX1 anti-bacterial and activated carbon equipment that does not need to be connected to the electric light and complies with the NOM-244-SSA1-2008 standard issued by COFEPRIS. These water filters have been well accepted in the schools in which we have participated, being an integral system used in the drinking fountain campaigns for schools.

ELKAY pedestal drinking fountain.

See the characteristics of this model in the following image:

Elkay drinking fountain for the INIFED program with 3M purifying cartridge certified by COFEPRIS.

Flexible nozzle.

The Flexi Guard mouthpiece is antimicrobial and flexible.


Decorative and resistant sand-colored cabinet.

Easy to operate button.

Easy to operate button, accessible for children and adults.

Carbotecnia, distributor of Elkay for more than 5 years.

In Carbotecnia we have the support and direct certification of Elkay, one of the most recognized manufacturers of drinking fountains worldwide.