Fleck 3900 Valve

Make: Fleck Model 3900

  • Connections: 3″ NPT
  • Thread at base: 6″
  • Valve material: Bronze (lead-free)

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Fleck valves for water softeners

Flows (50 psi Inlet) – “Single Valve”.
Top mounting
Continuous (15 psi pressure drop) 250 gpm (946 lpm)
Maximum (25 psi pressure drop) 325 gpm (1,230 lpm)
CV (flow at 1 psi pressure drop) 65
Max. Backwash (25 psi pressure drop) 100 gpm (378 lpm)

Features of the Fleck 3900 valve:

  • Fully adjustable 5-cycle control controls upward backwash, brine suction, rinsing
  • slow, fast rinse, downward brine tank filling and downward service
  • Designed for single or multiple tank, alternating or interconnected systems
  • 250 gpm continuous service flow
  • Functional non-hard water passage during regeneration
  • NEMA 3R-equivalent enclosure protection resistant to
  • water, rain, corrosion and UV rays
  • Available with regeneration by means of 7 or 12-day clock or flow meter
  • Non-hard water piston