WS3 Clack Valve

Valve for industrial water filters. Clack brand – Mod. WS3

  • Connections: 3″ NPT / Female BSPT
  • Material: Bronze (lead-free)
  • Thread in base: 4″ flange or side mount
  • Cycles: up to 9
  • Min. Flow / Max. operating pressure: 20 psi – 125 psi
  • Temperature Min. / Max.: 4 °C to 43 °C
  • Continuous flow at 15 psi pressure drop (bypass and meter sold separately): 250 gpm (946 lpm)
  • Backwash flow 25 psi pressure drop (bypass sold separately): 220 gpm ( 833 lpm)

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.

Valves for industrial filters and softeners Clack

Characteristics of valves for industrial water filters:

  • Contron valve with 3″ inlet and outlet, suitable for commercial systems and industrial applications.
  • Suitable for tanks from 18″ to 63″ diameter.
  • Lead-free valve body.
  • Stainless steel meter option.
  • Easy microprocessor configuration from the removable front panel for convenience.
  • The front display shows the time of day, next regeneration day, remaining volume and flow rate.
  • Four methods for initiating downstream regeneration; immediate meter, delayed meter
  • delayed time clock or pressure differential.
  • Program in ppm, French degrees, German degrees and cubic meters.
  • Fully programmable regeneration cycles (max. 9)
  • Programmable time of each cycle.
  • Days function; 1 to 28 days available
  • AC adapter with 24-volt output provides easy and safe installation.
  • Use treated water to refill the tank.

Videos of programming and presentation of WS2H and WS3 valves.


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