Manifold Aquatrol Inlet / Outlet Manifold Headers


3/4″, 1″ and 2″ inlet and outlet Manifold or Filter Heads

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Headers with inlet and outlet connection for water filter – manifold

AQT inlet headers are made of rugged plastic and are designed for simple applications such as carbon filters for sediment, odor and taste reduction or ph neutralization systems.

Inlets and outlets are 3/4″ 1″ or 2″ for easy connection where high flow is required. These economical headers work on tanks with standard 2 1/2″ or 4″ openings.

Available head models:

Accessories for manifolds Head in/out 1″ NPT 2.5″ tank thread AOT-TH1-25
Accessories for manifolds Head in/out 2″ NPT 4″ tank thread AQT-TH2-4
Accessories for manifolds 3/4″ NPT 2.5″ tank thread 2116 in/out header

Main function of the Manifold or Water Filter Head.

Manifolds or inlet and outlet headers for water filters mounted on fiberglass tanks have several important functions. These components are an integral part of water filtration systems and perform the following functions:

Water inlet: The inlet header provides a connection through which water enters the tank or fiberglass filter. This function allows water to flow into the filtration system and undergo the purification and filtration process.

Uniform distribution: Manifolds are designed to evenly distribute the flow of water, so that it flows down the filter media or granular media, as it enters the tank or fiberglass filter. This helps ensure that the water is distributed evenly among the different filtration or water treatment media within the system.

Treated water outlet: The outlet header is responsible for allowing the treated and filtered water to exit the tank or fiberglass filter. This function is crucial to collect the water filtered by the central tube and make it available for further use or distribution.

In addition to these main functions, manifolds may also include other features, such as the ability to control water flow, allow regeneration of the filter media, or facilitate maintenance of the filtration system1 .

It is important to note that the exact functionality of the manifolds may vary depending on the design and specifications of the particular filtration system. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional advice to fully understand the functions and proper use of manifolds in a specific fiberglass tank.