3M Betapure AU Cartridge


The controlled pore size of the 3M Beatapure AU cartridge filter matrix allows distinguishing between cartridge grades to provide consistent filtration. Betapure AU series filters provide:

  • Reduction of specific suspended pollutants
  • Consistent effluent quality
  • Long service life


3M Betapure AU rigid filter cartridge

3M Betapure AU series rigid filter cartridges are designed to provide optimum filtration quality. Its controlled pore size allows two different micron sizes to be separated in the same cartridge for effective filtration. These cartridge filters offer consistent contaminant reduction, maintain good flow through and superior service life. 3M Betapure AU series cartridges are available in 18 different ratings with absolute values ranging from 2 to 190 microns absolute, allowing you to select the exact filtration characteristics.

The same cartridge offers two micron ratings; absolute and nominal.

Microns (µm)
Code Absolute Nominal
Z13 – 020 2 0.2
Z13 – 030 3 0.3
Z13 – 050 5 0.5
Z11 – 060 6 0.6
Z11 – 070 7 0.7
Z11 – 080 8 0.8
Z11 – 100 10 0.9
Z11 – 120 12 1
Z11 – 150 15 3
B11 20 5
C11 30 10
E11 40 20
G11 70 30
L11 90 50
Q11 100 75
V11 140 100
W11 160 150
X11 190 175

3M Betapure AU cartridge applications:

Coatings: High quality paints, film coatings, resins and inks.
General Industry: Desalination, coating, process water
Electronics: RO reverse osmosis pretreatment, ceramic slurries, chemical-mechanical polishing
Chemical/Petrochemical: Process water, reverse osmosis pretreatment RO

3m cartridge applications for coatings, paints, inks and resins

The rigid filter media of the 3M Betapure AU series cartridges

Reduces cartridge bypass and discharge, ensuring consistent filtration from start to finish. Its depth filtration design reduces deformable contaminants for consistent flow. On the other hand, a rigid depth structure reduces collapse and product quality rejects. This filtration cartridge also provides a long service life inside the cartridge holder and is available in several standard sizes.

The 3M Betapure AU series has developed a clean and rigid filter production technology with consistent and reproducible filtration characteristics. The filter structure is constructed using long bicomponent fibers, each fiber having an inner core and an outer sheath. AU series filters are manufactured using two bicomponent fiber structures, propylene/polyethylene or polyester/copolymer, offering broad compatibility with industrial processes. The rigidity of the 3M™ Betapure™ AU filter structure resists deformation, contaminant discharge or filter bypass, providing efficient removal of unwanted particles. Filter manufacturing ensures batch-to-batch and filter-to-filter product quality consistency and optimum filtrate quality throughout the product life cycle.

These filtration cartridges are available for use in a wide range of applications, including chemical, petrochemical, process water, electronics and other industries, making them ideal for continuous and batch processes. Produced with 3M Betapure technology, these cartridges offer consistent, reproducible and efficient filter quality in their production process.

Solids reduction rates

3M uses a Multi-Parameter Characterization (MPC) which, unlike single point evaluations, determines a reduction rate over a range of particles, which, unlike point evaluations, determines a particle reduction rate (multi-value) and filter life (multi-point). Parameters measured include particle counts, turbidimetric efficiencies and removal efficiencies.

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