Experts in activated carbon for water and air purification.


We can help you with the water you use in your process

Experienced in industrial water treatment processes.


We share our experience

Carbotecnia is an activated carbon manufacturer, our carbon is used on liquid and gas treatment processes.
Additionally, we provide filtration and purification solutions to improve water quality on industries, homes, hospitals and businesses.
Our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians can contribute to your projects and do business responsibly.

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Activated carbon

We are manufacturers of the most used purifying material in the world.

Water Treatment

Experience in installation of water treatment trains and process optimization.

Drinking Fountains

We manufacture drinking fountains for all school levels and outdoor uses.

Technical support

Our technical team of engineers will advise you during the development of your projects.

We improve the water quality of these companies:

Industries we participate in

Food and drinks

  • Restaurants, cafes, bars
  • Bottling
  • Food industry
  • Beverages and spirits
  • Beer and wine industry

Filtration and water purification

  • Bottled water industry
  • Water purification plants
  • Irrigation and agricultural water filters

Health and hospital sector

  • Water for hemodialysis
  • Water and activated carbon for laboratories and pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals
  • Water and treatment for personal care products

Water and industrial applications

  • Metal mechanical industry
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Chemical industry
  • Mining
  • Automotive industry

Service waters

  • Hospitality
  • Spas and sports clubs
  • Laundries
  • Schools and Universities

Construction and residential

  • Residential livings
  • Systems for buildings and apartments
  • Shopping centers and public squares.
  • All-in-one purifiers, filters and pumps to improve water.

Projects of water treatment systems, reverse osmosis and industrial water filters.

We are experts in activated carbon and its application at an industrial level.

Our experience in water or air treatment systems can help you correctly apply the following systems: Reverse osmosis RO, purifiers and water filters, softeners and disinfectants such as ultraviolet light and ozone.

With 20 years of experience in the application of these systems, you can trust that the solutions we offer will be useful to you.

We have a human team that will assist you kindly and ethically. Our engineers and technicians have contrasting training in the systems we offer.


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Our solutions

We design each stage of your water treatment project. We analyze, dimensions and advise you to install the systems that help you reach the water quality you need.

Water and air purification with activated carbon.

Activated carbon.

    • Coconut shell activated carbon.

    • Bituminous and lignitic mineral coals.

    • Wood base activated charcoal.

Water treatment plants for every need.

Water Treatment Systems

  • Multimedia and deep bed filters.

  • Activated carbon equipment.

  • Water softeners.

  • Catalysts to remove iron and manganese.

  • Industrial reverse osmosis systems RO.

Water treatment plants

Filter media, nozzles and more.

Water treatment supplies.


  • High productivity, ultrafiltration and high rejection membranes.

  • Granular filter media.

  • Cationic, anionic and mixed ion exchange resin.

  • Johnson type nozzles and distributors.

  • Specialized Filter Cartridges.

Water solutions for points of use.

Drinking fountains

Elkay, Carbotecnia and Portinox drinking fountains

  • Pedestal Fountain with Floor Plumbing

  • Wall Mounted drinking fountains

  • Bottle filling stations.

  • Water filters for drinking fountains