Avista’s RoQuest 6000 Coagulant for Turbidity Reduction


Presentation: Liquid, Tote of 227 kg.


Avista’s RoQuest 6000 organic liquid coagulant and ferric sulfate to reduce turbidity and remove humic and fulvic acids

Avista’s RoQuest 6000 is a liquid polymeric coagulant, a unique blend of dual organic coagulants and ferric sulfate, specifically designed to reduce turbidity and remove humic and fulvic acids in multimedia filters. This product is especially effective in waters with high levels of soluble organics and turbidity above 2.0 NTU, making it ideal for both brackish and sea surface water applications for membrane use. Although RoQuest 6000 is compatible with membranes, it is recommended that overfeeding of pretreatment chemicals be avoided, as it may impact the removal of organics and particulates. It is also used as a coagulant and flocculant aid in clarifier-flocculators and multimedia filters, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness in various stages of water treatment.

Benefits of quagulant

  • Filtration aid properties: Resists solids breakthrough in direct filter applications, improving filtration efficiency.
  • Low dosage requirements: Efficacy at low dosages and over a wide pH range makes treatment more efficient and economical.
  • RO quality water production: Capable of producing reverse osmosis quality feed water in multimedia and sand filters, preparing the water for more advanced treatment processes.
  • Membrane compatibility: Compatible with polyamide and cellulose acetate RO membranes as well as Avista™ antiscalants, including Vitec 3000, 3025, 5100, 7000, ensuring safe integration into existing treatment systems.

NSF Certification

RoQuest 6000 is NSF approved, ensuring that it meets stringent safety and quality standards for use in drinking water treatment applications.

This combination of features makes RoQuest™ 6000 an advanced and effective solution for treating waters with particular challenges, offering superior treated water quality, efficiency in use and compatibility with membrane systems, which sets it apart from other coagulants available on the market.

Performance advantages

Specialization in humic and fulvic acids:

RoQuest™ 6000 is specifically designed to reduce turbidity and remove humic and fulvic acids in multimedia filters. This capability makes it particularly valuable in waters with high levels of organic matter, where other coagulants may be less effective.

Combined organic coagulant with ferric sulfate:

The unique combination of dual organic coagulants and ferric sulfate provides a powerful and effective coagulant action, capable of treating waters with challenging characteristics that may exceed the capabilities of more conventional coagulants.

Efficiency in high turbidity waters:

Its formulation makes it especially effective in waters with turbidity above 2.0 NTU, providing effective treatment for conditions that often require more complex and costly solutions.

Requires low dosage:

The RoQuest™ 6000 operates effectively at low doses, which not only reduces the cost of treatment but also minimizes the risk of overdosing and its negative effects, such as membrane fouling or altering the chemical balance of the treated water.

Wide pH range:

Its efficacy across a wide pH range provides greater flexibility in different water treatment applications, eliminating the need for prior pH adjustments that other coagulants may require.

Membrane compatibility and NSF certified:

Compatible with a wide range of reverse osmosis membranes and is NSF approved, ensuring its safety for use in drinking water treatment. This compatibility and certification is not found in all coagulants on the market, especially those not specifically designed to work with membrane technologies.

Avista’s RoQuest™ 6000 stands out in the coagulant market for its unique characteristics and specific benefits, especially in water treatment applications that face particular challenges due to the presence of soluble organics and high turbidity. Here are six key advantages that differentiate it from other available coagulants:




Technical specifications

  • Appearance: Clear, dark brown liquid
  • pH (1% solution): 2.0-3.0
  • Specific gravity (@25°C): 1.40-1.60

These guidelines ensure the effective and safe use of RoQuest 6000, optimizing its performance as a coagulant in water treatment, maintaining the integrity of filtration systems and ensuring the quality of treated water.

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