RoQuest 4000 Liquid Coagulant for Organic Matter Avista


Presentation: Liquid, bucket 20.45 kg.


Avista’s RoQuest 4000 coagulant for organic particles and colloids.

RoQuest™ 4000 is a liquid coagulant composed of a blend of organic polymer and ferric sulfate, designed to optimize the removal of a broad spectrum of inorganic particles, organic matter, silt and colloids in multimedia filters. This multi-component polymer and iron salt formulation is specifically designed to treat water with high levels of organic matter and turbidity above 2.0 NTU. Although this product is compatible with membranes, we caution against overfeeding pretreatment chemicals, as it may affect the removal of organics and particulates. RoQuest 4000 is injected into the feed stream of multimedia and sand filters to improve their performance by reducing turbidity and color, thereby producing improved filtrate that reduces fouling of reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) membranes. This product is NSF approved.

Performance benefits of the RoQuest 4000

  • Auxiliary filtration properties that resist solids breakthrough in direct filter applications.
  • It requires low doses and is effective over a wide pH range.
  • Capable of producing RO quality water in multimedia and sand filters.
  • Compatible with polyamide and cellulose acetate RO membranes, as well as Avista™ antiscalants, including Vitec 3000, 3025, 5100 and 7000.

Technical specifications

  • Appearance: Clear, dark brown liquid
  • pH (1% solution): 2.0-3.0
  • Specific gravity (@25°C): 1.3-1.4

RoQuest™ 4000 offers an effective solution for the treatment of water with high levels of organic matter and turbidity, ensuring a significant improvement in treated water quality and protection of RO and NF system membranes. Its compatibility with a wide range of conditions and membranes makes it a versatile choice for a variety of water treatment applications.

Performance advantages

Unique combination of ingredients:

RoQuest™ 4000 combines an organic polymer with ferric sulfate, a mixture not common in traditional coagulants. This combination allows for more effective removal of a wide range of inorganic, organic, silt and colloid particles, offering superior performance in complex waters.

Efficiency in high turbidity waters:

Specially formulated to treat waters with turbidity above 2.0 NTU and high levels of organic matter, RoQuest™ 4000 is capable of handling conditions that would challenge other coagulants, ensuring optimized output water quality.

Low dosage quantity:

Despite its high efficacy, RoQuest™ 4000 requires relatively low dosages to achieve significant results, resulting in more efficient use of the product and potentially lower operating costs compared to other coagulants that may require larger quantities to achieve similar effects.

Wide effective pH range:

Its ability to operate effectively over a wide pH range offers considerable flexibility in various treatment conditions, eliminating the need for prior adjustment of the feed water pH, which is not always possible with other coagulants.

Compatibility with Avista™ membranes and antiscalants:

RoQuest™ 4000 is compatible with polyamide and cellulose acetate reverse osmosis membranes, as well as Avista™ antiscalants, including Vitec 3000, 3025, 5100 and 7000. This compatibility ensures that the product can be used in a variety of treatment systems without the risk of damaging membranes or interfering with other treatment chemicals.

NSF certification:

NSF certification confirms that RoQuest™ 4000 meets strict safety and quality standards, ensuring that it can be used safely in drinking water treatment applications, an important advantage over other coagulants that may not have such certifications.

Instructions for use

Packaging and storage

Standard regional packaging sizes are listed below. Information on drum or bulk tank delivery is available upon request.

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