RoClean P112 Membrane Cleaner for Silica SiO2


Presentation: 45 lb. pail


Avista’s RoClean™ P112 reverse osmosis membrane cleaner for silica cleaning.

RoClean P112 is a highly effective powder cleaner designed specifically for the removal of silica fouling, offering a safe and effective solution to the challenges presented by hydrofluoric acid and ammonium bifluoride solutions, known to be potentially hazardous. This product stands out for its multi-component formulation and its high, buffered pH, which makes it especially effective not only against severe aluminum silicate fouling, but also against difficult organics. NSF approved, RoClean P112 is presented as a comprehensive cleaning solution for reverse osmosis systems.

Benefits RoClean P112:

  • Proprietary formula: RoClean P112 combines dispersants, low foaming surfactants and chelators to effectively dissolve silica scale and aluminum silicates, as well as break down stubborn organics.
  • High buffering power: Its highly buffered composition allows it to resist pH changes during the cleaning process, ensuring constant effectiveness.
  • Universal compatibility: It is compatible with polyamide membranes from all manufacturers, making it versatile for a wide range of reverse osmosis systems.
  • Combined use: Can be used in conjunction with other Avista™ cleaners, allowing for a more complete cleaning tailored to the specific needs of each system.

Applications and usage: RoClean P112 is ideal for reverse osmosis systems facing difficult fouling problems, such as silica and aluminum silicates, as well as persistent organic contamination. Its use is recommended for regular maintenance or deep cleaning, ensuring optimum performance and prolonging the useful life of the membranes.

User benefits: Are you looking for an effective and safe solution to fouling problems in your reverse osmosis system? RoClean P112 not only offers you a thorough and efficient cleaning, but also protects your equipment and ensures its optimal long-term performance. With RoClean P112, say goodbye to fouling and hello to a more efficient and durable system. Find out what RoClean™ P112 can do for you and your reverse osmosis system today!

Performance advantages

Specialization in silica removal:

RoClean P112 is specifically formulated for the removal of silica scale, one of the most difficult to treat in reverse osmosis systems. Its ability to effectively address this type of fouling distinguishes it from other cleaners that may not be as effective against silica.

Safety in Use:

Unlike cleaners that require the use of hydrofluoric acid and ammonium bifluoride, which are potentially hazardous, RoClean P112 offers a safe alternative without sacrificing efficacy. This reduces health and safety risks for personnel handling the product.

High buffering capacity:

The RoClean P112 formula is highly buffered, allowing it to resist changes in pH during the cleaning process. This feature ensures that the cleaner maintains its efficacy throughout the cleaning process, unlike other products whose efficacy may decrease with pH changes.

Universal compatibility with membranes:

RoClean P112 is compatible with polyamide membranes from all membrane manufacturers, making it versatile and applicable to a wide range of reverse osmosis systems. This universality is a significant advantage over brand-specific cleaners that may limit their use to particular systems.

Low foaming potential:

Its formulation includes low foaming surfactants, which minimizes problems associated with excessive foaming during the cleaning process. This facilitates a more efficient and less problematic cleaning process compared to other cleaners that may require additional steps to control foam.

Combined use with other Avista™ cleaners:

RoClean P112 can be used in conjunction with other Avista™ cleaners for more thorough and targeted cleaning according to system needs. This compatibility allows for a more tailored and effective cleaning strategy, leveraging the strengths of different cleaners to address a variety of fouling and contaminants.

Instructions for use

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