On-site chlorine dioxide generator for disinfection Bello Zon


Prominent Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Specially designed for small spaces: distributes chlorine dioxide at one or more points with dosing pumps.


On-site chlorine dioxide generators from Sodium Chlorite and Hydrochloric Acid (In situ)

Chlorine dioxide generator production capacities from 120 to 1200 gr/h.

Chlorine dioxide

Its disinfection capacity does not depend on the pH value. It has a great capacity to leave residues and the effect inside pipes lasts from a few hours to several days. Chlorine dioxide reliably removes biofilm from pipes and tanks, helping to treat the entire water system against Legionella contamination. More information about chlorine dioxide here

Stable, safe, clean

Without reaction to ammonium or ammonia, the disinfecting power of chlorine dioxide is always present. Where chlorine dioxide is present, chlorophenols, which can normally produce strong odor compounds during water chlorination, are not formed. In addition, trihalomethanes (THMs) and other chlorinated hydrocarbons are not produced, making their handling less aggressive than chlorine.

How is chlorine dioxide manufactured on site?

Batch process to prepare a chlorine dioxide solution, free of chlorine from a solution of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid. Production is very safe thanks to the controlled process.

The resulting chlorine dioxide solution retains its original concentration during storage. Chlorine dioxide is integrated or stored in an external backup module at concentrations of 1000 or 2000 mg/l.

Thanks to the chlorine dioxide in the storage tank, it is not necessary to size the system for the maximum possible demands, it should only be sized for average consumption. This considerably reduces investment costs compared to traditional installations.


  • Disinfection in the food and beverage industry. Mainly bottle rinsers, CIP, bottle washers and fruit and vegetable washers.
  • Water purification, legionella eradication and legionella prevention, e.g. in homes, hotels or hospitals.
  • Gardening: Irrigation water and germ-free automatic irrigation.
  • Cooling water and drinking water treatment.
  • Disinfection of filters, for example in swimming pools.
  • Public wastewater treatment.

Available models:

Chlorine dioxide generator Bello Zon® CDLb

Capacity to generate up to 60 g of chlorine dioxide reserve for higher doses of 0-120 g / h. The maximum flow rate when using 0.2 ppm ClO2 is 600 m3 / h.

Chlorine dioxide production plant for the production of chlorine dioxide solution, especially suitable for different dosing points. The BelloZon® CDLbde plant produces ClO2 in batch mode using dilute chemicals by the hydrochloric acid method.


  • Cost savings with minimal chemical consumption.
  • Economical performance with various dosing points.
  • Very short start-up time after being switched off, with a long-term stable chlorine dioxide solution.
  • Maximum efficiency with closed circuit.
  • Maximum safety, with processes free of human contact.
  • The DULConneX platform allows you to monitor the configuration in real time from anywhere: Improve process safety. Real-time monitoring and the use of individual alerts and automated reports improve reliability and transparency.

Spec sheet: Bello Zon ® CDLb

BelloZon® CDEb Chlorine Dioxide System Generator

5200 g / h chlorine dioxide. The maximum flow rate when using 0.2 ppm ClO2 is 1000 m3 / h.

The chlorine dioxide system continuously produces ClO2 with diluted chemicals by the acid-chlorite method. Very simple operation, clear design and analog, manual or contact controller.


  • It is not necessary to be an expert, thanks to its easy handling.
  • Low investment costs.
  • Short interval dosing.
  • Very safe operation.
  • It is easily integrated into the process.
  • Real-time monitoring of the generator from any location via the DULCOnneX Platform, always with maximum security measures. Reliable and understandable system thanks to real-time monitoring and the use of individual alarms and automatic reports.

Spec Sheet: Bello Zon® CDEb

Bello Zon® CDVd® Chlorine Dioxide Generator Bello Zon® CDVd

2 – 2,000 g/h of chlorine dioxide. Maximum water quantity that can be treated with a dosage of 0.2 ppm ClO2 depending on the size of the generator: 50 – 10,000 m3/h

The generator controller impresses with its intuitive menu navigation and ensures precise chlorine dioxide production. Its reactor generates chlorine dioxide that is stored safely and easily. Instead of PVC commonly used in the industry, food grade PVDF is used. This allows you to produce with minimum chemical consumption and maximum operational safety. It has a web server interface and our DULCOnneX Platform meets all the requirements of Industry 4.0.


  • High operational safety and high purity of CIO2 made possible by PVDF reactor and 3-level safety concept
  • Bus system, web server or communication interface via DULConneX
  • It is installed when the initial tank is emptied. Verify the accuracy of the level indicator to avoid downtime and system performance.
  • Automatically generated alarms and reports to predict consumption and increase the reliability of system availability: simplifies retrieval of required documents.
  • Remote monitoring in potentially hazardous environments: DULConneX: on-site at a safe distance.

Spec Sheet: Bello Zon® CDVd

Chlorine dioxide generator Bello Zon® CDKd

From 8 – 12,000 g/h Chlorine dioxide. The maximum amount of water that can be treated with a dose of 0.2 ppm ClO2 depends on the size of the equipment. 60,000 m3/h

Chlorine dioxide manufacturing equipment integrates a pre-dilution station for concentrated hydrochloric acid and takes the specific quantities needed on site, saving up to 20% of the chemical. It has a proven three-tier safety concept to protect people and the environment. Certified performance guarantees efficient production of chlorine dioxide. BelloZon® CDKd can be easily and safely integrated into any water treatment process.


  • Cost savings due to optimized acid consumption.
  • Communication interface via the bus system, web server or DULConneX
  • Precision level indicators prevent generator shutdown due to empty chemical tanks.
  • Chlorine dioxide management by planned consumption, better availability, more economical system operation and performance.
  • Simple maintenance and reliable reporting, thanks to automatically generated alarms and reports.
  • Secure remote monitoring with DULConne X in an on-site environment. More details: https://dulconnex.prominent.com/welcome.html

Spec Sheet: Bello Zon ® CDKd

Chlorine dioxide generator Bello Zon® CDLb for several dosing points

With the capacity to generate chlorine dioxide from 0-120 g/h, it guarantees up to 60 g for a good dose. The maximum flow rate at 0.2 ppm ClO2 is 600 m3/h and can be configured for up to 6 delivery points.

Flexible solution for ClO2 generation and delivery that can be adapted to the customer’s facilities, needs and budget. The modular systems are perfectly matched to each other.


  • Dose in up to 6 specific points.
  • Savings by not having to place more generators for different points.
  • Maximum operational safety with a single process.
  • Very simple integration to water lines.
  • From anywhere via a time monitoring platform Real-time installation – DULConneX form: advanced protection. Improve reliability and transparency with real-time monitoring and the use of customized automatic alerts and reports.

Bello Zon® CDLb H2SO4 chlorine dioxide generator Bello Zon® CDLb H2SO4

DE 8 – 89 g/h of chlorine dioxide generation

The Bello Zon® CDLb H2SO4 generator was designed for critical applications due to the risk of corrosion: it produces low chloride chlorine dioxide. The chlorine dioxide remains in a storage tank, integrated or external, with a concentration of 1,500 mg/l.

The CDLb system, which uses a low chloride solution, is useful for disinfection in applications using stainless steels, used in tunnel pasteurizers, autoclaves, cooling circuits or conveyor belt lubrication systems.


  • Very low corrosion potential due to its low chloride concentration.
  • Ideal for closed-loop systems.
  • Easy operation for several metering pump points
  • With maximum safety in its operation.
  • Real-time generator monitoring from anywhere via the DULCOnneX Platform