RoQuest 3000 Organic Liquid Coagulant from Avista


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Avista’s ReQuest 3000 organic liquid coagulant

RoQuest™ 3000 is a proprietary liquid coagulant incorporating a proprietary blend of organic polymers, designed to be injected directly into the feed stream of multimedia and sand filters. This product improves filter performance by reducing turbidity and color, resulting in improved filtration which, in turn, reduces fouling in cartridge filters, reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) membranes.

Performance benefits of the RoQuest 3000:

  • Low dosage requirements and no minimum alkalinity needed: This means that the RoQuest 3000 is effective even at low dosages and can be used in a wide range of water conditions, without the need to adjust the alkalinity of the input water.
  • Internal biostat that inhibits biological growth: In the drum and feed tank, this additive prevents the development of microorganisms, which can be particularly useful in systems susceptible to biological growth.
  • Effective over a wide pH range: Its effectiveness is not limited to a narrow pH range, making it versatile for different feed water qualities.
  • Capable of producing RO quality water in multimedia and sand filters: This indicates that it can significantly improve water quality before it reaches the more advanced treatment stages, potentially reducing RO and NF membrane loading and fouling.
  • Compatible with polyamide membranes from all major manufacturers: This compatibility ensures that it can be used in a wide variety of water treatment systems without concern for chemical incompatibility.
  • Suitable for use with Avista™ antiscalants or antiscalants: Indicates that it can be easily integrated into systems already using Avista antiscalants, providing a comprehensive treatment solution.

RoQuest™ 3000 coagulant is very effective in improving filter performance and treated water quality, which is crucial for reducing membrane fouling in reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems.

Performance advantages

Requires low doses:

RoQuest™ 3000 is effective even at low doses, which means you can achieve significant results without the need for large quantities of product. This efficiency reduces operating costs and minimizes the environmental impact associated with excessive chemical use.

Operates over a wide pH range:

Unlike many coagulants that require specific pH conditions to be effective, RoQuest 3000 maintains its effectiveness over a wide pH range. This allows it to be used in a variety of feed water qualities without the need for prior pH adjustments, simplifying the treatment process.

Prevents biological growth:

With its internal biostat, RoQuest 3000 inhibits biological growth in both the drum and the feed tank. This benefit is especially valuable in systems susceptible to biofouling problems, offering a cleaner solution and reduced maintenance compared to other coagulants that do not possess this property.

Universal compatibility with polyamide membranes:

The RoQuest™ 3000 formulation is compatible with polyamide membranes from all major manufacturers. This feature ensures that it will not damage or compromise the integrity of membranes, a common risk with some coagulants that can react adversely with certain membrane materials.

Improves the quality of feed water for reverse osmosis:

Capable of producing RO quality water in multimedia and sand filters, RoQuest™ 3000 effectively prepares water for more advanced downstream treatments. By improving water quality prior to reverse osmosis, it reduces the potential for membrane fouling, which can extend membrane life and reduce the frequency of cleaning.

Integration with Avista™ antifoulants:

Its ability to work in conjunction with Avista™ antiscalants offers a comprehensive water treatment solution. This synergy between products ensures that effective water treatment can be achieved, maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing chemical compatibility issues that can arise when using products from different suppliers.

The advantages that position RoQuest 3000 as a leading choice in the coagulant market, offering water treatment plant operators an effective, versatile and economically advantageous solution to improve water quality and protect advanced treatment systems.

Proper dilution and injection of Avista’s RoClean L403 membrane cleaner are crucial steps to ensure cleaning efficiency in reverse osmosis systems. Although I do not have access to specific up-to-date details beyond my last update, I can provide you with general guidance based on common practices for dilution and injection of membrane cleaners. For detailed and specific instructions, it is essential to consult the product data sheet and the manufacturer’s recommendations.




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