RoClean P303 Calcium Carbonate & Metal Scale Cleaner


Presentation: Powder in a 20.45 kg pail.

Powder, in 350 lb. drum. (158.75 kilograms)


Avista RoClean P303 inorganic membrane cleaner for membranes with carbonate and some metal fouling.

RoClea P303 is a low pH, buffered powder cleaner formulated to effectively remove severe calcium carbonate scale as well as moderate metal and metal-organic complex contamination. Designed for systems operating with seawater, brackish water or wastewater, RoClean P303 is the preferred powder solution to meet some of the toughest challenges in reverse osmosis membrane maintenance. NSF approved, this product guarantees not only effective cleaning but also safety in its application for water treatment.

Key benefits RoClean P303

  • Specialized formula: RoClean P303 combines a specialized blend of proprietary buffers, surfactants and chelators designed to specifically address calcium carbonate scale and metal contamination.
  • High buffering power: Its ability to resist changes in pH during the cleaning process ensures constant efficacy, regardless of the initial water conditions.
  • pH optimization: Maintains optimum pH over a wide temperature range, which is crucial for effective dissolution of scale and contaminants.
  • Universal compatibility: Compatible with polyamide membranes from all manufacturers, RoClean P303 offers a versatile solution for a wide range of reverse osmosis systems.
  • Combined use with other Avista™ cleaners: Can be used in conjunction with other Avista™ cleaners for more thorough and targeted cleaning according to system needs.

Applications and use of RoClean P303

RoClean P303 is ideal for reverse osmosis systems that face significant challenges with calcium carbonate scale and metal contamination common in the treatment of drinking water, seawater, brackish water and wastewater. Its powder formulation facilitates its storage and handling, offering a powerful and effective solution for membrane maintenance.

User benefits: Do you struggle with calcium carbonate scale and metal contamination in your reverse osmosis system? RoClean™ P303 offers a powerful and safe solution designed to restore the performance of your membranes and prolong their life. With its advanced formulation and approval for use in water treatment, RoClean™ P303 not only effectively cleans your system, but also ensures the safety and quality of the treated water. Experience the difference RoClean™ P303 can make in your operation. Get your reverse osmosis system back up and running at peak performance today with RoClean™ P303!

Performance advantages

Specialization in calcium carbonate incrustations:

RoClean P303 is specifically formulated to remove severe calcium carbonate scale, one of the most common causes of decreased performance in reverse osmosis systems. Its effectiveness in this regard outperforms many other cleaners that may not be as focused on this type of fouling.

Effectiveness against metal contamination:

In addition to carbonate fouling, RoClean P303 is effective against moderate metal and metal-organic complex contamination, offering a comprehensive solution to a variety of contamination challenges.

Low foaming and high buffering formulation:

The low foaming and high buffering capacity of RoClean P303 ensures that the cleaning process is efficient and effective, maintaining optimum pH over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions.

Universal compatibility with Polyamide membranes:

RoClean P303 is compatible with polyamide membranes from all manufacturers, making it versatile and applicable to a wide range of reverse osmosis systems, without the risk of damaging the membranes.

NSF approval for use in drinking water treatment:

NSF certification ensures that RoClean P303 can be safely used in drinking water treatment applications, which not all membrane cleaners can claim.

Combined use with other Avista™ cleaners:

The ability of RoClean P303 to be used in conjunction with other Avista™ cleaners allows for a more tailored and effective cleaning strategy, leveraging the strengths of different cleaners to address a variety of fouling and contaminants.

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