Irrigation water filter – AZUD SPIRAL CLEAN


AZUD SPIRAL CLEAN is the line of semi-automatic mesh filters that is exclusive for irrigation water filtration, due to its low maintenance and optimal filtration safety, together with its large filtering surface.

Its design allows easy and quick cleaning, without the need to disassemble it or stop the installation.

P_067223 – It has a filtering surface (cm²) of 1730 cm².

P_067228 – It has a filtering surface (cm²) of 1300 cm².



AZUD spiral irrigation water filter clean

The AZUD spiral clean irrigation water filter has a large surface area mesh filter element and the AZUD FLEX PROTECT System, specially designed to remove accumulated particles during the filtration process.

The rotary movement of the crank handle allows the AZUD FLEX PROTECT System, with spiral displacement, to suck the particles and expel them through the drain with minimum consumption. The water supply is not interrupted.


  • Maximum filtering surface.
  • 100% effective and easy cleaning. The screen is cleaned with a single crank turn.
  • The filter is cleaned without disassembly.
  • Uninterrupted operation. It is not necessary to stop the water supply.
  • Low maintenance. Without tools. Maximum resistance, with no moving parts susceptible to wear.
  • Modularity, versatility, compatibility. The system allows a large number of possibilities with the minimum number of components.
  • Made of plastic materials.
  • Water and energy savings.
  • AZUD quality guarantee.

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