FT200 AA automatic compressed air assisted disk filter


Self-cleaning filter with water-saving compressed-air assisted backwashing


Backwash water savings of 50% with respect to non-air-assisted disc filters. Up to 90% against water used to backwash a deep bed filter.


Air-assisted disc filter AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC FT200 AA:

Self-cleaning filtration equipment for industrial and agricultural filtration with water saving cleaning.

AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC FT200 AA self-cleaning disc filtration systems are composed of 1 to 10 filters of 2″ diameter with AZUD MG/WS discs, which provide in-depth filtration. These units are equipped with 3-way membrane backwash valves and advanced DLP technology, which allows sequential pressure differential cleaning of each filter, using a combination of filtered water and compressed air stored in an auxiliary tank, without interrupting the supply of filtered water to the installation.

The AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC FT200 AA air-assisted disc filter is a smart, compact and modular solution. Manufactured with technical thermoplastics, which increases the service life of the system and ensures long-term operation with reduced costs and minimal maintenance interruptions.

Advantages of the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC FT200 AA air-assisted disc filter:

  • Reliable filtration, thanks to a double effect of centrifugal separation and depth filtration, with multiple particle retention points.
  • Efficient self-cleaning, with minimum water and energy consumption thanks to the DLP system, and without interruption of the filtered water supply. In backwashing or automatic backwashing, an automatic backwash is carried out by water-air mixtureThe new system, which allows a more powerful and very effective cleaning with a saving of 80% water. This water-air mixture circulates from INSIDE to OUTSIDEThe water is rapidly propelled through the nozzles, generating a tangential cleaning effect that removes the particles retained on the discs.
  • Minimum frequency of self-cleaning, due to a larger filtering surface and the patented AZUD HELIX centrifugal device.
  • Modular solution and wide range of filtering grades from 10 to 400 microns.

Benefits of the AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC FT200 AA air-assisted disc filter:

  • The most sustainable solution for industry and agriculture, with backwash water savings of up to 90% compared to conventional filters and up to 50% compared to disc filters without the use of compressed air.
  • Maximum safety in organic farming.
  • The best protection against clogging in pipes, machinery and irrigation nozzles.
  • Prolongation of the useful life of the installation.
  • Ensures uniformity of crops and industrial systems.
  • Reduced operating costs, including water, energy and labor consumption.

The AZUD HELIX AUTOMATIC FT200 AA air-assisted disc filter is an efficient and environmentally friendly solution to ensure water quality in irrigation systems, contributing to the conservation of water and energy resources and increasing agricultural productivity.

Air-assisted filter applications

  • Feedwater or water used in industrial or commercial processes, for power generation, maintenance, raw material or solvent.
  • Water filtration in tanks, lakes, rivers, fountains.
  • Protection of disinfection systems
  • Solid particle recovery
  • Water reuse systems

Technical characteristics of disc filters

  • Material: High strength plastic
  • Filtration technology: Slotted disc
  • Cleaning system: Automatic compressed air assisted cleaning system
  • Cleaning activation: Pneumatic
  • Filtration system: Disc stack module.

Air-assisted filter models:

Surface Q max. 50 μm* Q max. 50 μm* Q max. 50 μm* Q max. 50 μm Q max. 130 μm* Q max. 130 μm* Q max. 130 μm* Q max. 130 μm Control unit
filtering Model m³/h (gpm) m³/h (gpm) Connection AZUD FBC**
1620 cm². FT201 AA 14 (62) 21 (92) Ø2″ 101/1 AA
1 Ø2″ filter
3240 cm². FT202 AA 28 (123) 42 (185) Ø3″ 110/2 AA
2 filters Ø2″.
4860 cm². FT203 AA 42 (185) 50 (220) Ø3″ 110/3 AA
3 filters Ø2″. 63 (277) Ø4″
6480 cm². FT204 AA 56 (246) 80 (352) Ø4″ 110/4 AA
4 filters Ø2 84 (370) Ø6″
8100 cm². FT205 AA 70 (308) 80 (352) Ø4″ 110/5 AA
5 filters Ø2 105 (462) Ø6″
9720 cm². FT206 AA 84 (370) 126 (555) Ø6″ 110/6 AA
6 filters Ø2″.
11340 cm². FT207 AA 98 (431) 147 (647) Ø6″ 110/7 AA
7 filters Ø2″.
12960 cm². FT208 AA 112 (493) 160 (705) Ø6″ 110/8 AA
8 filters Ø2″. 168 (740) Ø8″
14580 cm². FT209 AA 126 (555) 160 (705) Ø6″ 110/9 AA
9 filters Ø2″. 189 (832) Ø8″
16200 cm². FT210 AA 140 (616) 160 (705) Ø6″ 110/10 AA
10 filters Ø2 210 (925) Ø8″

*Maximum flow limited by the diameter and type of auxiliary elements (manifolds, flanges and valves).
**AZUD FBC control unit is not included with the equipment.

Operating conditions

Salinity < 6000 mg/l
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar (145 psi)
Minimum working pressure: 0.8 bar (11.6 psi)
Minimum air pressure*: 4.5 bar (65 psi)
Maximum air pressure*: 6 bar (87 psi)
Air flow rate per time: 18 l/s (285 gpm) x 10 sec.
Minimum self-cleaning or backwashing volume: 10 liters water per filter (2.6 gallons)
pH: 4 – 11
Water temperature: ≤ 60 °C (140 °F)