AZUD LCM Disc Filter Manual


Manual cleaning disc filter


  • Disc filtration in a compact system for high flow rates
  • Water saving for cleaning or backwashing.

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Manual cleaning disc filter LCM Series

Model Max. flow rate Liters/min Number of filters Connection diameter NPT Connection type HDPE Manifold Diameter
202 / 3FH 1000 2 2″ Flange 4″ – 110
202 / 3VH Clamp
203 / 4FH 1500 3 2″ Flange
203 / 4VH Clamp
204 / 6FH 2000 4 2″ Flange 6″ – 160
204 / 6VH Clamp
205 / 6FH 2500 5 2″ Flange
205 / 6VH Clamp
206 / 6FH 3000 6 2″ Flange 6″ – 160
206 / 6VH Clamp
207 / 8FH 3500 7 2″ Flange 8″ – 200
208 / 8FH 4000 8 2″ Flange 8″ – 200

In the slotted disc line, the filtering elements are high density polyethylene collectors.

Some applications:

  • Industrial water filters
  • Purificación de agua
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Agricultural drip irrigation
  • Process water filtration


The Helix system generates a turbine-like flow that spins the water to prevent premature clogging of sediment in the filter. Optimizes performance and minimizes the frequency and intensity of maintenance work.

Manual cleaning disc filter.

The LCM allows the use of both manual element filtering and DF-DISC.

Modular systems to add more filters and increase flow. The system allows a wide range of possibilities with a minimum number of components.

Made of technical plastic.

Low maintenance. No tools required.

Maximum resistance with moving parts not susceptible to wear due to continuous operation.


Reflows from AZUD HELIX LCM equipment without any interruption of the water supply to the crop. Backwashing is sequential:

One filter is in the backwashing stage while the rest of the equipment is in the filtration stage, supplying water to the facility.

STAGE FILTRATION: The propeller generates a centrifugal helical effect that moves away from the discs the particles in the water. This translates into less frequent and less intensive maintenance, thus saving water. The deep filtration process is carried out through the discs. Water Flow STAGE: When the operator change the position of the two manually activated backwash valves the filtered water enters the filter in the opposite direction through the structure of the filter element. The solids previously retained during the filtration stage are expelled from the discs and discharged out through the collector drain.

Video explanation of operation

Video of backwashing or self-cleaning of automatic filters

Visualization of installations