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Clack Corporation in Mexico

Clack Corporation is a recognized player in the water treatment industry, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of control valves, water treatment systems and related components. Founded in 1944 by Howard Clack, the company is headquartered in Windsor, Wisconsin, USA. Since then, Clack has evolved from a small company to a global leader in the water treatment market.

Clack Corporation offers a wide range of products, including control valves, accessories and components for water softening, filtration and reverse osmosis systems. Their valves are designed to suit a variety of applications and are known for their reliability, efficiency and ease of use and installation. The company has stood out for its innovation and quality.

Clack’s product highlights include:

  • WS1 WS2 and WS3 series control valves, which are known for their versatile design and ability to handle high flow rates, making them suitable for residential and commercial applications.
  • Structural pressure tanks, which are essential for water treatment systems, are appreciated for their reliability and robust construction.

In Mexico, Clack Corporation has established a significant presence through authorized distributors, including Carbotecnia. Carbotecnia is a distributor of water treatment equipment and components, including Clack valves, and is responsible for providing customers in Mexico with access to these high quality products. The partnership between Clack and distributors such as Carbotecnia allows the company to expand its reach in the Latin American market and meet the specific water treatment needs of the region.

Clack’s participation in Mexico through distributors has allowed the company to have a significant impact on the water treatment industry. This presence helps ensure that the most advanced water treatment technology is available locally, providing solutions to improve water quality for a wide range of applications, from domestic to industrial use.

Clack Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of control valves and components for water treatment systems. With a focus on quality and innovation, Clack offers a range of products that includes the popular WS1 series control valves, which are prized for their versatility and ability to handle high flow rates, making them ideal for a variety of both residential and commercial applications.

In Mexico, Clack Corporation’s presence is consolidated through the distribution of its products by Carbotecnia, which offers valves for filters and softeners, including the renowned Clack WS1 valves. These digital valves are suitable for softener tanks from 6″ to 22″ diameter, WS2 and WS3 up to 63″ diameter tanks. This demonstrates Clack’s ability to meet the needs of the Mexican market.

The combination of advanced technology and the efficiency of its control valves, together with the extensive distribution network of companies such as Carbotecnia, allows Clack Corporation to maintain a solid position in the water treatment industry in Mexico.

Valves and products Clack Corp.

WS Series Clack valves are components for water treatment systems, each tailored to different capacities and applications:

  1. WS1 Clack Valve: A versatile choice for residential applications, known for its ease of use and maintenance. It has an inlet and outlet capacity of 1 inch, suitable for small to medium size softener tanks. Its design allows it to be used in different water treatment configurations.
  2. WS1.5 Clack Valve: This valve is suitable for systems requiring higher water flow, offering rates up to 60 GPM according to some distributors, while others indicate up to 70 GPM. It is an effective solution for applications requiring higher flow rates, such as use in commercial or medium-sized installations.
  3. WS2 Clack ValveClack WS series valves typically scale in size and capacity with model number, suggesting that the WS2 is an option for even larger applications than the WS1.5, probably suitable for commercial and industrial water treatment systems with high flow demands.
  4. WS3 Clack Valve: Designed for industrial applications, this valve handles the demands of large-scale systems. It is the choice for those systems that require the highest possible flow, and would be used in the most demanding environments where volume and efficiency are critical.

The Clack WS series of valves offers a wide range of options for different water treatment needs, scaling from domestic to industrial applications.

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