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Water dispensers and drinking fountains in Mexico

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Seek expert advice

We have more than 10 years manufacturing Carbotecnia drinking fountains and distributing Elkay drinking fountains and water dispensers.

More than 50 models to suit your budget.

Tell us your budget and we will suggest several models.

Receive the drinking fountain at your facility

We ship the drinking fountain by the courier of your choice or we suggest a carrier that will deliver it to your home.

Enjoy purified water without limits

Each drinking fountain can include a water purification system, which provides unlimited water to users 24 hours /7 days a week.

Modern bottle fillers for companies, gyms and shopping centers.

The Elkay brand of drinking fountains is a premium line in the market, recognized worldwide.

Its bottle filling stations are installed in shopping malls, schools and airports on every continent.

Innovation is their motto, they constantly test and modernize the design of their bottle fillers. The models for which this brand stands out are the EZH2O models that have automatic bottle filling, which is beneficial since they avoid direct contact and the transmission of bacteria.

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