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Pentair Water Mexico

Pentair Company. Presence in Mexico


In 1966, five men intent on manufacturing high-altitude balloons founded a company in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. They named it Pentair, the Greek “Penta” for the five founders and “air” for the products they planned to produce.

Pentair quickly diversified, venturing into industries ranging from plastic canoe manufacturing to computer software, leather footwear, before acquiring a series of paper mills that would serve as the core of the company for nearly two decades. Known for his willingness to venture into new industries and his ability to find operational efficiencies, which would become the cornerstone for Pentair Integrated Management System, the company transformed from a paper company to a tool company and ultimately a water company, all while delivering steady growth and profitability.

Over the years, Pentair’s people, processes and Win Right values have been at the heart of Pentair’s growth. As the company embarks on its next chapter in 2018 as a pure water company, Pentair is leveraging its unique technology, talent, tools and thinking to deliver Smart and Sustainable Solutions for Life.

Pentair Water: Leader in Water Treatment Solutions in Mexico

Pentair Water is a leading company in the water treatment solutions market, with a solid and growing presence in Mexico. With a wide range of innovative products and services, Pentair Water has demonstrated its commitment to quality, efficiency and sustainability in the field of water treatment.

In Mexico, Pentair Water has established a solid and reliable reputation in the industry. The company offers integrated solutions for water treatment in various sectors, such as residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural. Among its most outstanding products and services are filtration systems, reverse osmosis , disinfection, water softening or softening and water reuse solutions.

One of Pentair Water’s strengths in Mexico is its focus on innovation and the development of cutting-edge technologies. The company constantly strives to improve and optimize its water treatment solutions to meet the changing needs of its customers and address the country’s water supply challenges.

In addition, Pentair Water cares about the environment and promotes sustainable practices in its operations and products. The company is actively working to reduce energy consumption and minimize the environmental impact of its water treatment solutions. This is reflected in its commitment to energy efficiency and water conservation.

Customer service is another aspect in which Pentair Water excels in Mexico. The company has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who provide technical advice and support to its customers at all stages of the water treatment process. In addition, Pentair Water offers training and ongoing support to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of your water treatment systems.

Pentair Water is a leader in the Mexican water treatment solutions market, thanks to its focus on innovation, sustainability and excellence in customer service. With a wide range of high quality products and services, Pentair Water is a reliable and efficient option to meet the challenges of water supply in Mexico.

Carbotecnia handles a wide variety of Pentek cartridges, Fleck valves, composite tanks and other Pentair products in Mexico. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at [email protected] or call +52 (33) 3834-0906.

The main lines of Pentair branded water treatment products are:

  • Commercial pool and spa equipment.
  • Commercial water treatment equipment.
  • Industrial filtration.
  • Commercial water treatment.
  • Valves.
  • Water supply pumps.
  • Accessories.

Important developments in the Pentair company:


Pentair Foundation created.


Exits the tool business and enters the water industry with the purchase of Wicor Industries.


PIMS expands beyond LEAN to include both growth and talent management.


Pentair and Water Mission are partnering on a unique program in Honduras, the impetus for Pentair's flagship sustainable safe water initiatives in the developing world.


Pentair receives EPA's Energy Star Partner of the Year award for its high efficiency pool pumps ERICO 2015 Procurement.


Completion of the sale of the valves and controls business.


The company 2018 separates the water and electricity businesses into two industry-leading public companies; The water business retains the Pentair name and ticker symbol (PNR).

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