SlimFLEX 5 7-sensor in-line conductivity meter


In-line water conductivity / Ph meter and controller for constant measurement


SlimFLEX 5 continuous in-line water conductivity meter

SlimFLEX 5 in-line conductivity meter continuously measures and regulates conductivity and controls the dosing of biocides and keeps pipes and heat exchangers clean, prevents Legionella contamination.

Capacity for up to 7 sensors.
5 relés de potencia.
Record logs in a microSD card
Wifi network connection for control through Smart technology.

Advantages of the in-line conductivity meter:

  • Web interface for configuration and maintenance, WLAN/WiFi optional
  • Forced demineralization: performs a demineralization before dosing biocides.
  • Demineralization blocking: blocks desalination after dosing biocides.
  • Operating status indicator with 6 LEDs.

Conductivity meter applications:

  • Regulates demineralization in small refrigeration or evaporative cooling systems.
  • Proportionally regulates and controls the amount of corrosion inhibitor dosage, defoamer dosage and dispersant dosage.
  • Measure and, if necessary, regulate the pH value.
  • Timed dosing of up to 2 biocides

Technical information:

  • 6 digital inputs for contact water meter, flow monitor and control signals
  • The operating status is displayed by 6 status LEDs.
  • 5 flexible relay outputs: for set-point, flow-proportional or time-dependent control of actuators
  • Measured variables: conductivity, pH, redox

Panel code:

(Includes controllers, cables, sensors, sensor holders and mounting panel):

Manufacturer’s code
SlimFlex Measurement and Control Panel


SlimFLEX 5 meter technical data

Conductivity: 10 to 10,000 µS/cm

pH: de 0,00 a 14,00

Redox voltage: -1,500 to +1,500 mV

Conductivity: 1 µS/cm

pH: 0.01

Redox voltage: 1 mV

Temperature: 0.1 °C

Inputs and outputs
2 slots for plug-in modules: plug-in modules for 2-channel modules: mA outputs, pH/redox inputs

5 power relays as changeover switches, including 3 potential-free and 2 voltage-switched relays

1 serial sensor input for CTFS sensor

6 digital status inputs

0.3 % referred to the end value of the measuring range
Measurement input
pH/redox (input resistance > 0.5 x 1012 Ω)
Temperature Compensation
Pt 100/Pt 1000 for pH
Temperature correction range
0 to 100 °C
Control feature
P/PID control
Electrical connection
100 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 25 VA
Ambient temperature
0 to 50 °C (for installation indoors or with protective casing)
Protection class
Wall mounting: IP 65
Verifications and approvals
CE, MET (corresponding to UL according to IEC 61010)
Body Material
PPE with flame retardant protection
Dimensions H x W x D
220 x 250 x 122 mm
Permissible relative humidity: 95 % non-condensing DIN IEC 60068-2-30