DULCOTEST® pH sensor

pH meters with DULCOTEST® sensors

Accurate, reliable and real-time measured values tailored to the application. Control, regulate and monitor chemical processes by means of precise measured values.

pH measurement sensor.


Graduated pH measuring ranges 0 – 14


When adjusting and measuring the pH values of water to be treated, keep records in the online controller with the application, to have a reliable backup, it is very important to record the values with maximum reliability, accuracy and speed to accurately adjust, monitor and control the chemical process.

Our different DULCOTEST® pH sensors allow you to use different pH sensors to tackle your measuring tasks.

The production of Prominent pH sensors is subject to the strictest quality controls (compliance with ROH standards) and is carried out automatically on the basis of regular and specific controls in the critical manufacturing processes of processes … This provides an optimum level of quality reproduction and is convenient.


Available models:

Manufacturer’s code
pH Sensor – PHEP 112 SE, Range 1 to 12, Max. pressure 6 bar
pH Sensor – PHED 112 SE Range 1 to 12, Maximum pressure 8 bar
pH Sensor – PHEX 112 SE Range 1 to 12, Max. pressure 16 bar @ 25°C / 6 bar @100°C
pH Sensor – PHER 112 SE Range 1 to 12, Maximum pressure 6 bar
pH sensor PHEF 012 SE Range 0 to 12, Maximum pressure 7 bar




  • Chemical processes
  • Chemically contaminated water.
  • Swimming pool water, drinking water.
  • Industrial process water
  • Cooling water,
  • Wastewater.
  • Sea water
  • Suspensions, slurries, emulsions
  • Air scrubbers, semiconductor industry, electroplating.