Water quality parameters meter and controller


Meter for: pH, redox, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, bromine, conductivity, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, dissolved oxygen and fluoride.


Meter and controller of water quality parameters.

DULCOMETER® diaLog DACb is a compact system for water analysis.

In addition to controlling the circuit between the DULCOTEST® sensors and the ProMinent® metering pumps.

Everything you require for the reliable treatment of service and process water in industry, as well as drinking and swimming pool water.

Advantages of the meter and controller

  • Easy to operate thanks to a display that provides very visual information.
  • The equipment includes 2 measuring and control channels included in the basic equipment.
  • All parameters to be analyzed can be configured.
  • Remote LAN access via integrated web server to view the system from anywhere.
  • Individual adjustment to different operating states, e.g. day and night operation.
  • Accurate monitoring of adjustment variables to prevent incorrect dosing.

Dulcometer applications:

  • Meter and regulator of water parameters in industrial and process water treatment plants.
  • Monitoring of drinking water parameters.
  • Measurement of pH and disinfection parameters in the food and beverage industry.
  • Measurement and control of pool water quality parameters.
  • Chlorine dioxide concentration monitoring in facilities for legionella control and prevention, e.g. in schools, hotels and hospitals.
  • Meter for disinfection parameters of irrigation water and gardening systems.
  • Configuration of the meter with the parameters to be measured (Not all parameters can be measured at the same time).