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Modified structure activated carbons

What is a modified structure activated carbon?

There are two types of special activated carbons:

A) Ultra-pure carbons for the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

These carbons are:

Megapol LS

  • Activated carbon that complies with pharmacopeia specifications and which we supply as raw material to pharmaceutical laboratories for the treatment of acute intoxications.
  • Pure-Carb
  • Ingestible coals for food production, such as goat cheeses “with ashes”

Ash-free coals.

These carbons, due to their very low ash content, have an ignition temperature much higher than that of a standard carbon, which allows them to be used in solvent recovery (in in-situ desorption cycles with water vapor).
For applications where fines should be avoided, such as domestic water purifiers, chemical cartridge, respirators or gold recovery processes.

B) Modified surface carbons

These are impregnated carbons, intended for the retention of substances not adsorbed by a standard activated carbon.

These carbons are:

Biostat : Impregnated with metallic silver as a bacteriostatic agent.
Vapacid : For chemisorption of acid gases.
Carvacid : For retaining organic vapors and acid gases.
Carvapox : For chemisorption of oxidizable organic molecules (alcohols, aldehydes, alkenes) of low molecular weight.
Vapamon : For low molecular weight ammonia and amine chemisorption.
Vapormer : For chemisorption of mercury vapors.

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