2 mm pelletized activated carbon


Pelletized activated carbon; particularly suitable for purification of air and gases

Pellet activated carbon is recommended when there is little pressure available to pass a gas through the bed.

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2 mm Mineral pelletized activated carbon

Activated carbon pellets (pelletized) of 2 mm diameter.
Presentation: ft3, 25 kg bags and 500 kg super bags.

This activated carbon is of mineral origin that is pulverized and then pelletized to obtain a cylindrical shape suitable for water treatment.

Carefully selected to achieve the formation of a wide range of pores, whose predominant diameter is between 2 and 20 nanometers. This characteristic allows it to adsorb compounds of various molecular weights in the liquid phase.

Another application in which Pellet-2mm is usually the most effective carbon on the market is the purification of water that comes from natural surface bodies, such as lakes and rivers, and which, due to its contact with plant and animal life, usually contains a wide variety of organic compounds, often undesirable for human consumption.


Surface area (m2/g, min.)
IPICYT internal method
Bulk density (g/cm3)
0.35 – 0.45
ASTM D-2854
Humidity (%, max.)
ASTM D-2867
Hardness (%, min.)
ASTM D-3802
Nominal diameter (mm)
Iodine number (mg/g min.)
ASTM D-4607
9 – 11
ASTM D-3838
Ash content (%, max.)
ASTM D-2866

We are manufacturers in Mexico of pelletized, granulated and powdered activated carbon.

Carvapur pelet – Carbón activado para gases orgánicos