Superior Distributor


Top manifold for Autotrol/Fleck valves, 0.20 mm slot opening, for tanks up to 10″ in diameter

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Nozzles or upper diffuser type Canastilla: (upper distributor)

Code Part Number Description Flow (gpm) Tank Valve Clack Fleck/Bajonet
P_049142 AQT-TD-1203 1.05″, Half Lap 25 7″-13″ AQT-56 & D1203 18280
P_049141 AQT-TD-1206 1.05″, Cemented 25 7″-13″ AQT-275 D1206
P_049140 AQT-TD-1207 13/16″, Cemented 25 7″-13″ AQT-275 D1207 18818

Nozzles are used in solid/liquid or solid/gas separation. their design and quantity will vary depending on the application and the customer’s flow requirements. The nozzles also allow a more efficient use of the treatment media. Common applications include:

– Manifolds and manifolds installed uniformly across a plate or lateral arrangement

– Demineralizers, water softeners and pressure or gravity sand filters.

Top Basket Distributor for tanks 0713-1354. For 1.05″ and 13/16″ risers. Made of FDA approved high impact ABS plastic. The fixed connector is .01-.03.

Basket type distributors are designed for domestic use of water softeners in 7″ to 10″ diameter tanks without a gravel support bed, or 12″ to 13″ diameter tanks with a gravel support bed.