Johnson ABS ABS 3/4 NPT Hydrosphere


Jonhson ABS ABS bottom hydrosphere diffuser with 3/4″ thread, for 3.5 GPM flow.

Slot opening of 0.18 mm

Product images are demonstrative and may vary from the physical product.


Johnson hydrospheres (Nozzle) microgrooved as lower collector

Manufactured in ABS plastic or also in Kinar (PVDF) upon request.

Connection: 3/4″ NPT nipple

Microslot opening of the external part: 0.18 mm


Diameter: 2.9″ (74 mm)

Overall height: 3.5″ (89 cm)

Suggested maximum service flow: 3-5 GPM (11 to 18 LPM)

Suggested maximum backwash flow: 6.5 GPM (25 LPM)

Placement distance between each nozzle:

Optimum: 12 cm

Maximum: 30 cm

Suggested number of nozzles depending on pipe diameter.

Pipe diameter

No. of nozzles





1 1/2″










Micro-slotted Johnson hydrospheres are used for the retention of granular media in water treatment equipment. These media can be of any type, such as: activated carbon, silica sand, ion exchange resins, green sand, MTM, Birm, pyrolusite, among others.

In addition to the retention function, the micro-slotted nozzles perform a good drainage, as well as an adequate flow distribution, both in equipment that works under pressure and in those that work by gravity.

The micro groove through which the fluid flows has a “V” shaped cut, with the most closed part towards the outside of the nozzle. This design prevents clogging.

The micro groove is continuous and has a total area for flow of approximately twice the cross-sectional area of the connection nipple which has a nominal diameter of ¾” NPT. This means that the microgroove does not constitute a restriction to flow and therefore causes minimal pressure drop.

The 0.18 mm opening in the most closed part, which is in contact with the granular medium, allows any granules larger than 40 mesh to be retained directly. This means that no gravel beds are required for support.

Johnson hydrospheres are a type of nozzles used for solid/liquid separation of granular filter media and the liquid to be filtered or treated. The nozzles also allow a more efficient use of the treatment media. Common applications include:

– Manifolds and manifolds installed uniformly across a plate or lateral arrangement

– Demineralizers, water softeners and pressure or gravity sand filters.

Advantages of Johnson hydrospheres

– Economical design

– Unobstructed design

– Large open area

– Increased corrosion resistance


– Standard diameter: 50 mm

– Typical slot opening from 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm

– Threaded end adapters or “l” bolts

– Mainly made of ABS; however, special Kynar® spherical nozzles are also available.

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